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RT : Apparently, the solution of the so-called "galaxy w/o " is just an erroneous distance measurement (via…
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16 days ago by maxwallefeld
New studies confirm existence of galaxies with almost no dark matter | YaleNews
A pair of new Yale studies confirm that dark matter is not always associated with traditional matter on a galactic scale — which settles a year-long debate.
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10 weeks ago by geetarista
media.ccc.de - Let's reverse engineer the Universe
There is four times more dark matter and over fifteen times more dark energy than regular matter in the universe. And we have absolutely ...
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january 2019 by bitboxer
Lisa Randall, "Seeing dark matter as the key to the universe — and human empathy," The Boston Globe
Yet, just as a small fraction of the world’s political and economic elite dominates the vast majority of power while the remaining population provides essential infrastructure that gives shape to daily life — constructing our homes, keeping our cities operational, getting food to our tables — dark matter was essential to the structure and formation of the universe. It was crucial in the creation of the clusters and galaxies without which our world would never have arisen.

Dark matter’s existence perplexes people who find it implausible that the vast majority of matter in the universe would be undetectable by our senses and their technological extensions. Some even wonder if it’s a sort of mistake. To me it would be even more astonishing if the matter we can see with our eyes were all the matter there is. You might have thought such hubristic beliefs were upended by the Copernican Revolution. After all, the history of physics is the history of revealing how much is deceptive, or is hidden from view.
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january 2019 by briansholis

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