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The Elf and the Scientist
Spock catches Kirk working in the labs after hours.  He finds the sight... fascinating.
darke-wulf  startrek  kirk/spock  established-relationship  firstkiss  developing-relationship  sweet  science  kink 
december 2010 by adafrog
Welcome to the Darke Side - Bitter Ashes 01
What I came up with is "Star Trek" meets "Blade" meets "Mercy Thompson"
startrek  st:aos  darke-wulf  wip  au  fusion  fantasy  urbanfantasy  vampire  vampire-spock  blade  amanda  sarek  kirk/spock 
april 2010 by ratcreature

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5things  amanda  au  blade  cupcake  cute  developing-relationship  deveva  episodetag  established-relationship  fantasy  firstkiss  fusion  hurt/comfort  kink  kirk/spock  lookedinon  mccoy  pike  preslash  protective!cupcake  protective!mccoy  protective!pike  protective!scotty  protective!spockprime  sarek  science  scotty  spockprime  st:aos  startrek  sweet  tos  uhura  urbanfantasy  vampire-spock  vampire  wip 

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