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John is a criminal mastermind - but he's not Moriarty. In fact, he hates Moriarty with a fiery passion. Because, dammit, he found Sherlock first, and he's put all this time into becoming his friend so that he might subtly bring the world's only consulting detective over to his side of the game. Then some flashy, camp bastard comes waltzing in and ruins everything with his boorish, rushed attempts to sway Sherlock into a life of crime.

Furthermore, if anyone's going to kill Sherlock, it's going to be John, thank you very much and good day sir.
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december 2011 by sherlockbbcfic
I just have this image haunting my brain:

Sherlock standing naked with his arms bound above his head, blindfolded and bit-gagged, while someone puts that riding crop to good use.
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november 2011 by sherlockbbcfic
Dark Minifill
ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME??? Alone on the Water was bad enough... now this? So saaaaad...
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november 2011 by sherlockbbcfic
All You Have to Do Is Ask
Would love Lestrade tied up, maybe crying and begging. However: I want whether he's begging because he wants it or because he doesn't to be completely unclear. Ambiguous darkfic? Any pairing is absolutely fine as long as our dear detective stars. <br />
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september 2011 by sherlockbbcfic
I wish you well
I love top!John I do, but they do tend to come across as overly romantic. And when compared to like-themed stories in top!Sherlock fics I never get the same sense of roughness and/or possessiveness. I’ve seen a lot of BDSM ones lately with Sherlock topping. And when I find one in the reverse John’s like the nicest, most gentle and giving top in the history of tops.<br />
*sigh*<br />
So that is my challenge. Gimme rough. Gimme dark. Hell, dub-con A-OK.<br />
Could be set in one of those slave or Dom/s AUs or maybe just in prison (seen a few now with John the sub). Really anywhere John doms the shit out of Sherlock. *g*<br />
Oh, and would love to see something greater than a short fill, too. But obviously I wouldn’t kick one out of bed. *g*
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august 2011 by sherlockbbcfic
The Surgeon (minifill)
"When a doctor does go wrong, he is the first of criminals. He has tbe nerve and he has the knowledge." - Sherlock Holmes.
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august 2011 by sherlockbbcfic
The Good Game
::Somewhat!dark!John/somewhat!dark!Sherlock, dubious consent and rape, triggery::<br />
<br />
(Prefer no established relationship) Sherlock deduces John's repressed fantasy of raping him. He decides to manipulate John into acting on it. So he deliberately finds ways of loosening John's inhibitions, making John angry/horny, making John feel like Sherlock owes him something, getting half undressed and starting a physical fight, saying 'no' in a way that sounds a bit like 'oh god yes'....whatever. It's working, but Sherlock gets so deep into the act (perhaps even drugging himself?), he ends up mindscrewing himself as well as John.<br />
When John finally clamps a hand over Sherlock's mouth and fucks him, even Sherlock isn't sure what's going on anymore. Did he consent to this? Possibly. Does John think it's consensual? Possibly.
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july 2011 by sherlockbbcfic
Deliver Me From Darkness
Pic prompt. "The short version of how we met."<br />
Some Dark!Lestrade please?
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july 2011 by sherlockbbcfic
Top!John, Rough Sex, BDSM-ish
Rough, dark, top!John.<br />
Could be set in one of those slave or Dom/s AUs or maybe just in prison (seen a few now with John the sub). Really anywhere John doms the shit out of Sherlock.
sherlock_holmes  john_watson  NC-17  pairing:sherlock_holmes/john_watson  rough_sex  bdsm  wip  dark!john_watson  Dub_con  manipulation  porn  multiple_fills  from delicious
july 2011 by sherlockbbcfic
warnings: Dark!John, sadism, manipulation, degradation, etc.)
Ever since I read that recent ridiculously hot dark!John-topping-Sherlock story with questionable consent/Stockholm syndrome-ish vibes(http://sherlockbbc-fic.livejournal.com/6487.html?thread=33935447), I've had a guilty wish to see more.<br />
So I'd love to see dark!John topping Sherlock.
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may 2011 by sherlockbbcfic
Bored (1/2) WARNING: Dark!John/Dark!Sherlock
Sometimes Sherlock does crazy things because he is bored. Sometimes he does them because John is bored.
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april 2011 by sherlockbbcfic
Mini fill
Sherlock only sleeps once he's past the point of no return, when his body starts rebelling against him. A day in bed and he's good to go, but first he has to become completely useless.<br />
Those few moments between his head hitting the pillow and sweet black oblivion is when John comes to him. Climbing into bed, holding him too tightly, breath hot on the back of his neck and obvious arousal rubbed against him. John let's him know that he's very aware of how vulnerable Sherlock is at that moment. He could do anything to him right now, and he couldn't do anything to stop him. So many delicious things and John can just take take take. But he won't. Not tonight, anyway. Not this time.
dark!john_watson  sherlock_holmes  from delicious
february 2011 by sherlockbbcfic

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