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Body, Soul, & Magic - dante_s_hell - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
To save Camelot, Arthur sacrifices himself and walks through the veil. But he is the Once and Future King and destiny is still waiting to be fulfilled. It is just not how Merlin thought it would be. But Merlin is okay--more than okay--with how things turn out.

Or, Arthur enters the veil and comes back a little different.
fandom:merlin-bbc  pairing:merlin/arthur  merlin:4.02  dark!arthur  breathplay  author:dante_s_hell  10.000-20.000 
may 2017 by aerten
Merlin is a hermaphrodite (fully functional male and female genitalia) shifter living in the far north. Arthur is the conquering king who takes Merlin's skin, thereby forcing Merlin to come back to Camelot with him.
arthur/merlin  rough.sex  marking  dub-con  restraint  authority.figures  dark!arthur  power-difference  mpreg  size.kink  hermaphrodite.character  complete  *posted 
may 2015 by mxa_news
Arthur exerts his power over Merlin in a cruel way

Warnings: cruelty, possible suicidal thoughts
kinkmemefairy  Arthur/Merlin  dark!arthur  torture  *posted 
march 2013 by mxa_news
Descent into Darkness by static_abyss - Merlin (TV) - Archive of Our Own
When Morgana descends into the darkness she doesn't do so alone. Arthur and Merlin accompany her, willingly and against all advice.


One man manages to get up, a young man with hair as bright as the sun and eyes the colour of honey. Morgause can see him from where she is hidden. She sees how Merlin stops him, how Arthur cuts him down and how Morgana laughs and laughs.
merlin  merlin-arthur/merlin/morgana  merlin-morgause  dark  dark!merlin  dark!arthur  dark!morgana  5-eng 
july 2012 by jiele
Inane Rational - Know My Rage is Black
Before he flees the country with Merlin, Muirden tries to kill Merlin and Arthur excecutes him in revenge
merlin  merlin_fic  merlin_slash  arthur/merlin  au  total_au  modern_au  mob_au  dark!Arthur  attempted_murder  Prostitute!Merlin 
september 2011 by shiny_starlight
Breaking The Key to Destiny

It has always been normal custom in Camelot to have sex slaves; every lord & knight have one. They are really poorly considered, but the slaves know their position and no one ever has the courage to speak up, and they'd never ever thought about it. Then one day, Arthur's sex slave dies of some illness and Arthur needs a new one. He wasn't expecting a beast to tame.
arthur/merlin  dub-con  non-con  slavery  collar  dark!arthur  complete  *posted 
august 2011 by mxa_news
Iron Slavery (1)
Dark!Arthur keeps Merlin locked in chains of iron.
arthur/merlin  dark!arthur  imprisonment  slavery  non-con  wip  *posted 
july 2011 by mxa_news
Too Easy
Arthur/Merlin "The more I give, the less I get"
Because it's boring not having to fight for someone, if they serve themselves on a silver platter. In other words: Merlin's easy to catch and Arthur gets bored at some point, because he usually wants the things/ people he can't have.
arthur/merlin  power.play  dark!arthur  graphic  complete  *posted 
july 2011 by mxa_news
Mine Part 29-36
Arthur/Merlin, Merlin/Others. canon au, Dark!Arthur, humiliation, imprisonment, noncon

Prince Arthur was raised to abhor magic. As a child, he would attend counsel meetings for all the kingdoms and there he meets and develops a possessive crush on a boy named Merlin. His infatuation remains when he's crowned King, and he rules with cruelty when it concerns magical users. It's not until he discovers Merlin is a warlock he becomes furious with the belief he has been enchanted throughout the years. A misguided Arthur is told he must humiliate Merlin to rid of the enchantment, but he falls further into his delusional idea of his 'love' for Merlin.
arthur/merlin  dark!arthur  humiliation  obsession  violence  character-death  genocide  dub-con  non-con  revealed  wip  *posted  exhibitionism 
march 2011 by mxa_news
[MERLIN] Dark Arthur - the end is here by ilikeyou31x
Vidder's notes: This is my entry for the 1st round of the Bring Your Talent 2 Us competition where we had to turn a good character into an evil one. And as i saw lots of dark Merlin videos, i decided to vid Arthur instead.

It begins like in "the Curse of Cornelius Sigan", with Arthur finding Sigan' soul and being possessed by it. Merlin senses it (because he's awesome) and it wakes him up. He feels that something is wrong with his friend and soon finds out what's going on.
MerlinBBC  Arthur  dark!Arthur  vid  2010 
february 2011 by frogspace
hazysea - The Same Deep Water as Me
Psychopath!Arthur. Eames is the only one to notice just how disturbed the other man is
arthur/eames  fic  inception  dark  slash  first-time  dark!Arthur  R  post-movie 
january 2011 by Perfumaniac
The First Knight
Not fleshed out enough to be OMFG good but def the darkest Merlin I've found for now. More of a PWP story, smut is ok, nothing too mind blowing. 
Merlin  Merlin/Arthur  Merlin/Arthur/Lancelot  slash  dark!fic  Dark!Merlin  Dark!Arthur  nc17  3-stars 
january 2011 by Ghanima
anowlinsunshine: Fic: Auspicious Symbols All [Merlin]
To read.
In response to the prompt: "Arthur/Merlin, without moral compass their love is a dangerous thing; all of Albion is aquiver" [like in case of many dark/dark-ish fic, it's not really the question of sticking to the canon, but of retaining certain degree of probability/plausability. This one worked for me, because it went straight for my weakness for conquest!fics, and paired it with my occasional doubts about Merlin's ethics. Interesting, and well written. I like the structure and the song metaphor that bound it all together]
Merlin  Merlin/Arthur  slash  Oneshot  dark!fic  Dark!Merlin  Dark!Arthur  nc17  toread 
january 2011 by Ghanima
I Put On This Hat, Picked Out This Shirt, Wore All This Paint... - Fic: Penance
Really enjoyed this, dark and bitter but very well done.
It only took four months for Merlin to snap like a brittle lute cord pulled too tight, break and twist like the worlds in stories all gone to ruin. And Arthur, oh mercy (but none) Arthur, had been proud of himself then. [Jesus Christ on a stick. That's creepy-creepy. I'll probably never read it again. It's disturbing as hell, and beautifully dark. Really, really pretty in a very fucked-up way. Not for the faint of heart][references to non-con and torture]
Merlin  Merlin/Arthur  dark!fic  slash  rating-m  Dark!Merlin  Dark!Arthur  Oneshot  4-stars 
january 2011 by Ghanima
Hyacinth Girl - Just Business. PG-13.
Years later, Arthur is hired as for an Extraction job and the mark is Ariadne. Dark!Arthur, mind fucking and emotional manipulation (perhaps he uses her feelings for him against her, or a past they shared) galore. Dark dark fic please.
fandom:inception  arthur/ariadne  characterbetrayal  infidelity  dark  dark!arthur 
december 2010 by casey_sms
honeybee_fandom: Propriety. Rated nc-17.
Summary: The thing about Merlin is, he's hopeless - But that's okay, because he's Arthur's.
fandom:merlin  arthur/merlin  dark!arthur  dark  angst  noncon 
october 2009 by casey_sms
ifyouweremine: FIC, So Long, Farewell, Arthur/Merlin, NC-17
Summary: “There was a time once when Merlin was Arthur’s, but that time is gone.” (Wherein Arthur tries to rescue Merlin, and fails.)
fandom:merlin  arthur/merlin  dark  dark!arthur  noncon  torture 
august 2009 by casey_sms
MerlinxArthur - fic: control
A king must have ultimate control, but Arthur can’t control his feelings and he can barely control his mind...
fandom:merlin  arthur/merlin  gwen/lancelot  arthur/gwen  slap  selfharm  dark!arthur 
july 2009 by casey_sms
evasearchin: Fanfic: The Betrayal of Innocence
"I wont ask you to forgive me, becouse i can never forgive myself." The line i never got around to putting into the fic, but you know, it so belongs in there...
fandom:merlin  arthur/merlin  noncon  dark!arthur  slap 
july 2009 by casey_sms

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