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Daria transcripts
These transcripts of the cult classic MTV animated sitcom were produced by fans, many of them, back in the last years of the twentieth century and the first years of the twenty-first, patiently transcribing their VHS off-air recordings.
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august 2018 by herinanth
What DARIA Means to the Show’s Creators 20 Years Later | Nerdist
The very first time the world saw Daria Morgendorffer belatedly, barely move an arm for an incoming volleyball during her show’s opening sequence, the unmistakable teen showed the world she was too smart for its trivial games.
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august 2018 by herinanth
You’re Standing On My Neck: The Life and Death of The Music of Daria :: TV :: Features :: Daria :: Paste
Daria Morgendorffer was a smart, misanthropic outsider, trying to deal with the various trials and tribulations of teenaged life in the suburban sprawl of Lawndale. However, this is not where Daria began. Her beginning happened on a little show called Beavis and Butt-head.
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august 2018 by herinanth
Daria Turns 20: A Fall 2017 Style Update For Your Favorite Misanthropic Cartoon
In 1997, Daria Morgendorffer, her sister Quinn, best friend Jane, and a whole crew of memorable faces entered the pop culture stratosphere with the debut of Daria, MTV's cult favorite cartoon series following the world's favorite misanthropic teen and the quirky characters that orbited around her. As recognizable as she is for her dry sarcasm, Daria unwittingly became something of a style icon, with her chunky glasses, lace-up combat boots, and army jacket--all style motifs we've seen on the runways season after season. In 1999, W highlighted the stylish crew from Lawndale in our annual Television Issue, dressing them up in the finest wares from the likes of Versace, Alexander McQueen, and John Galliano. This week marks the 20th anniversary of Daria's debut, and in honor of the milestone, we've selected looks straight from the Fall 2017 runways that would be just perfect for the Morgendorffers and co. Pause the episode of Sick, Sad World, and click through to see all the looks.
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june 2018 by jimmykduong
The Oral History of 'Daria'
"How a rag-tag group of writers, voice actors, and animators cobbled together MTV's first 'girl hit' and the longest-running animated series in the network's history."
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june 2018 by jimmykduong
Daria: the 90s cartoon that nailed American feminist teenhood
"Twenty years ago this week a recurring character on Beavis and Butthead, got her own show and became a youth culture icon who embodied slacker chic"
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june 2018 by jimmykduong
In Praise of 'Daria': 20 Years Later
Looking back at the importance, and influence, of MTV's coolest teen-girl misanthrope
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june 2018 by jimmykduong
“Daria” Creator Reveals Characters 20 Years Later
Daria now writes for a talk show, Trent and Jane are still aspiring artists
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june 2018 by jimmykduong
‘Daria’ 20 Years Later: Producers Behind MTV’s Iconic Cartoon Look Back
An appreciation of the late-'90s heroine Daria Morgendorffer — including the people that created her world, and the legacy she left behind
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june 2018 by jimmykduong
Freakin Friends (festivids reveal post) - there is actually a black fly in my chardonnay right now
Title: Freakin Friends
Fandom: Daria
Music: Mystik Spiral
Summary: This one's for Daria and Jane.
Vidder's Note: made for [personal profile] mithborien for festivids 2012.
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february 2018 by sqbr
First artwork of the year dedicated to 2 great ladies...
Daria  mtv  sicksadworld  fanart  from twitter_favs
january 2018 by lurrel
My What Big Teeth You Have - Anonymous - Daria (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own]
“Wait, let me guess. Did you get drunk, make out with a rock star, and then wake up naked in the woods?”

There was a long pause, Daria could hear a woodpecker way off in the distance and the sound of Jane putting on pants.

“Okay,” Jane said stretching the sound of the word and rolling it around in her mouth. “Your silence is speaking volumes here, I’m getting worried, tell me... that’s not actually what happened, is it?”

“She was a movie star not a rock star and—look—it’s weirder than that. I think,” Daria paused. There was no good way to say this, so hopefully Jane wouldn’t laugh. “I think I was bitten by a werewolf.”
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december 2017 by eigenvector

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