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Five Days of Dickings - Chapter 1 - drunktuesdays, mklutz, the_ragnarok - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Five Dickings in Five Days was the (hopefully interim) title he’d seen on the contract. More like five days of dickings. Whatever, Stiles was into it. The money is great; the fucking is also great. It’s a win-win way to pay for college.
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july 2014 by cee_m
From the Author:
It would be awesome if there were some way to get her to lay off on the topic, to be able to say “hey, look Gran, I’m not a total failure at human contact!” Ha, the easiest thing to do would be to find someone for just the next few weeks, but it’s not like you can just walk up to someone and -


The one where Stiles's grandmother comes to town, Danny agrees to be Stiles's fake boyfriend, Scott is annoyingly insightful, and there are vampires.
teenwolf  danny_stiles  via:concinnity  vampire  kidnapping  Pretend_dating 
june 2014 by cee_m
How Stiles Stilinski Blocked His Own Shot (To Make-Out) by salvadore V. cute Danny/Stiles friends-to-more. 7k, Teen. archiveofourown.org/works/1374961

Danny and Stiles played at marriage as kids, but it didn't end well. Stiles has the chance to make it right. Maybe.
danny_stiles  teenwolf  schmoop  fluff  anyage 
march 2014 by cee_m
Blood Pounding in Our Veins - Chapter 1 - minusoneday - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles figured that Mrs. McCall finding out Scott’s secret would change things, but he’s completely unprepared for the very first thing she does, which is to invite Isaac to move in with her and Scott.


In which Stiles is angry. For some very good reasons.
angst  teenwolf  stiles  danny  danny_stiles  derek  scott  friendship 
october 2013 by bekap
no need for nervousness (it's just a little turbulence) by Slumber. Danny/Stiles, 19k, heist AU. archiveofourown.org/works/980817
In which Stiles is a conman for hire, Danny is the hacker of his dreams, and Argent Industries is their target.
danny_stiles  teenwolf  au  spy 
october 2013 by cee_m
Friday, late afternoon, large caramel latte x2 - aerowyn - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Friday, late afternoon, large caramel latte x2


Stiles knows he doesn’t have a chance with Danny. Stiles has seen Danny bring his dates into the coffee shop for a before dinner coffee an insane amount over the year Stiles has worked there. The guys that Danny prefers are built and gorgeous, not lanky, gangly, and spastic like Stiles.

So Stiles is not under the illusion that he’ll ever have a chance with Danny.
danny_stiles  coffee  teenwolf  schmoop 
october 2013 by cee_m
Just a social construct - queerly_it_is - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Just a social construct


"I really was kidding," Danny says. It'd be more of a put-down if it wasn't said against Stiles' mouth, if his hands weren't on Stiles' hips while Stiles just sort of twitches against the wall he's being pressed into.

He mumbles back, "I really wasn't," trying to get Danny to use more tongue. Stiles is maybe already a little addicted to Danny's tongue. It's a problem.
teenwolf  danny_stiles  pwp  fuckordie  first-time 
june 2013 by cee_m
@anatsuno sorry, that's not long! for length I suggest archiveofourown.org/works/730880/c…, archiveofourown.org/works/712625, & archiveofourown.org/works/704328
A Brief Introduction to Live Action Roleplaying


Jackson tells Danny he's a werewolf. Danny gets werewolf advice from a stranger on the internet. Things escalate from there.
danny_stiles  teenwolf  casefic  epistolary  pre-slash 
march 2013 by cee_m
The Taste Of Sweat And Metal On His Tongue - Chapter 1 - slythatheart - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles had a navel piercing.


Written to fill a prompt from the Everybody Likes Danny Fanworks Fest.
humour  teenwolf  danny_stiles  jackson  piercing  smut 
march 2013 by bekap
Don't leave a voicemail, seriously. -
Danny's well aware of how awesome his life is. He gives back when he can—collecting for the food bank around his neighborhood on the second Tuesday of every month, mentoring the second stringers on the lacrosse team, forcing Coach to pick an Angel Tree Child at Christmas, and then there's Jackson.
teenwolf  danny_stiles  werewolf!danny  romance 
february 2013 by bekap
Of Secrets And Confessions [by Miya_Morana], PG-13
Strange things are happening in Beacon Hills, but Danny refuses to let his brain go to Buffy-esque places, because he believes in science and reasonable explanations. When his friends are ready, they will tell him what's going on with them, he knows that. Meanwhile, he realizes that Stiles might be more than meets the eye as they start to become friends.
teenwolf!fic  danny_stiles  StilesStilinski  Danny(TeenWolf)  ScottMcCall  JacksonWhittemore  DerekHale  LydiaMartin  *friendship  *comingout  *becoming!fic  *revealed!fic  °miya_morana 
november 2012 by mayachain
You Can't Have Your Sweater Back - GoddessofBirth - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Danny stares at Stiles, doing his best to ignore the body on the forest floor between them. The body with half of its throat missing. The body with a bite mark torn across its torso, a trail of intestines jumbled among the leaves, the loose end just touching Stiles' sneaker. And he doesn't even look phased.
teenwolf  WIP  danny_stiles  jackson  friendship 
october 2012 by bekap
codename: r.o.
“I have really bad taste in men,” Danny announces at lunch.
teenwolf  danny  jackson  lydia  friendship  preslash  danny_stiles 
october 2012 by bekap
weak knees and sweaty palms - Chapter 1 - kim47 - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Okay, so it's possible Stiles has never been on a real date. One where both parties were aware of and agreeable to the fact.


It's also possible he's a little nervous.
danny_stiles  teenwolf  schmoop  fluff 
september 2012 by bekap
Buoyancy - ethrosdemonforreal - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Danny's well aware of how awesome his life is. He gives back when he can—collecting for the food bank around his neighborhood on the second Tuesday of every month, mentoring the second stringers on the lacrosse team, forcing Coach to pick an Angel Tree Child at Christmas, and then there's Jackson.
pack  danny_stiles  au  teenwolf  derek  lydia  scott  jackson 
september 2012 by bekap
This Is Going To Be A Three 'Dude' Conversation - Dusk - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"Dude," Jackson said, and Danny stopped what he was doing, because when Jackson started sentences with 'dude', he was either about to share something deeply personal or about to try and get them expelled for excessive pussy jokes, and Danny had problems with both of those options.
teenwolf  danny_stiles  preslash  jackson  danny  humour 
september 2012 by bekap

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