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Para los que quieren resumido todo, aquí está la versión para TV de . Esta muy bien realizado el medio-met…
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november 2017 by Demasis
Patti Cake$ | Official Trailer | FOX Searchlight | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Patti Cake$ | Formal Trailer | FOX Searchlight In Theaters August 18 In a coming-of-age story straight out of Jersey, an not likely rapper finds her voice as a a person-of-a-form hip-hop legend in the creating in PATTI CAKE$, the first characteristic movie from acclaimed business and audio-video director Geremy Jasper. Established in gritty strip-shopping […]
IFTTT  WordPress  Cake  Bridget  Everett  Cathy  Moriarty  Danielle  Macdonald  Mamoudou  Athie  McCaul  Lombardi  Patti  Cake$  PattiCakes  Sahr  Ngaujah  Siddharth  Dhananjay  Wass  Steven... 
august 2017 by wotek
Edge computing could push the cloud to the fringe - by @ron_miller
"Then there’s latency. Talla echoes Levine’s thinking here, saying machines like self-driving cars and industrial robots need decisions in fractions of seconds, and there just isn’t time to send the data to the cloud and back.

He adds that sometimes there are privacy issues where data could be considered too sensitive to send to the cloud and might remain on the device. Finally, companies may want to keep data at the edge because of a lack of bandwidth. If you are dealing with a location where you can’t stream data, that would mean having to process it at the edge. There wouldn’t be a choice."
cloud  tc  peter  levine  edge  computing  autonomous  vehicles  drones  iot  deepu  talla  nvidia  danielle  merfeld  ge  andreesen  horowitz 
august 2017 by jonerp
Passing, The Comic
Passing is a satirical look at the lives of two white sisters raised by a black family trying to make it in a racially polarized world of stereotypes and misunderstandings.

Uh-Oh Oreo.

That’s what they used to call them. Because instead of two chocolate cookies sandwiching a piece of sweet white cream, the Uh-Oh Oreo was a golden, vanilla cookie sandwiching a chocolate cream. And that’s what the kids used to call Kelandra (Kelly) and Martinique (Unique) growing up – the two black girls who weren’t black.

The comic stars a diverse cast, including Kelly and Unique’s “black BFF” Deidre, a young woman raised by black nationalists who is “over” being black and prefers the company of anyone but her own, but makes a pass for her confusing, long-time friends.

In PASSING, the two sisters explore their identities while pursuing careers, changing careers, falling in love, breaking hearts and have their hearts broken all across the confused racial divide. The comic will chronicle Kelly’s effort to embrace her “whiteness,” while Martinique’s doubles-down on living as a black woman, pursuing a career in Hip Hop while selling hair weave on the side.
Racial  Formation  Whites  Race  Comics  Humor  NYC  Danielle  Belton  Yesha  Callahan  Jada  Prather 
january 2017 by dbourn
Liftco Streamline Folding Bunk Twin- Twin 960100(LFCFS) - Rollaway Beds Shipped Within 24 Hours
This is the least expensive murphy bunk bed I've found. I doesn't have the desk, or a cabinet, but it looks functional. Maybe I could build a cabinet around it.
murphybed  furniture  house  kids  danielle  diy 
august 2016 by eimajenthat
Pensiero T Twin Wall Bunk Bed With Table, Gloss White And Light Wood - Contemporary - Bunk Beds - by Turbo Beds
This is exactly what I want for the kids. It's got two bunks, and the desk. Looks like it comes in all white, though it's out of stock. Price is a little steep, but not all THAT bad.
murphybed  kids  furniture  danielle  house 
august 2016 by eimajenthat
Multimo Multimo Murphy Bed & Reviews | Wayfair
This has the desk/bed arrangement I'm looking for, but no top bunk. It's crazy expensive, but it gives me some ideas if I want to try and build something like this myself.
kids  danielle  murphybed  furniture  house 
august 2016 by eimajenthat
What Tinder dating is like when you have a disability
Danielle Sheypuk discusses how a lot of her experiences in Tinder dating are common to all women, since having a disability should be no barrier to wanting or having a relationship or having sex, in contrast with the common misconceptions portrayed in the media of people with disabilities being asexual and either incapable or undeserving of relationships. However she also describes how having a disability does attract certain unwelcome and uninformed male attention based on the usual negative stereotypes of people's perceptions of disability.
disability  dating  Tinder  sexuality  relationships  Danielle  Sheypuk  wheelchair  user  debunking  stereotypes  dispelling  myths  asexual 
october 2015 by KarlLeonard
Interview with Danielle Sheypuk - American fashion model and therapist ~ Sylwia Cegieła - profil zawodowy
Danielle Sheypuk wants to change society's perceptions of people with disabilities to recognise that they are just as capable of being sexy and desirable and stylish as anyone else. The fashion industry needs to start pitching to the disabled, and realise that they are valuable customers.
disability  fashion  photography  Carrie  Hammer  role  model  Danielle  Sheypuk  wheelchair  user  wheelchair  model  interview  positive  representation  inclusive  inclusion  attitudes  towards  disability  debunking  stereotypes  sexy  chic  stylish  economic  model  of  disability  purple  dollar  purple  pound  New  York  Week  glamour  achievement  beauty  stigma  negative  stereotypes  asexual  weak  pitiful 
august 2015 by KarlLeonard

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