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The Conversation About Aziz Ansari Is an Uncomfortable Mess, Which Is Why We Need to Have It
Disingenuous, lazy claims about the “ambiguity” of both consent and resistance allow sexual assault to remain ubiquitous. If nothing else, we are a society that firmly believes in questioning the credibility of alleged victims with way more fervor than we do the actions of their alleged abusers. We have ample leg room to instead fix our gaze on proper ways to handle the stories and best interest of people alleging sexual assault. We can also stand to focus a harsher lens on men like Ansari who pursue rigid sexual compliance in the face of resistance and to admonish their team of toxic acolytes who are more than eager to dismiss their harmfulness.
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january 2018 by yolandaenoch

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aziz-ansari  rape-culture  sexual-assault  sexual-harassment  very-smart-brothas 

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