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The GOP’s Sexualized Assault of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez | Dame Magazine
The 9-million-year-old white men running the GOP, however, have been taught exactly that. So they treat Ocasio-Cortez like they’ve been taught to treat female colleagues who stand out. They punish her for the fact that they’re attracted to her, even though she did nothing to elicit those feelings and almost certainly doesn’t want them. They portray her as a sex object because sex objects don’t talk back, unless it’s to ask what more they can do for you. In so doing, they give themselves an excuse not to deal with the more serious challenge she poses. Ocasio-Cortez is not meant to be challenging, she is not meant to be argumentative or assert herself, she is not meant to have bold opinions or radical ideas, because she is not meant to have ideas and opinions at all. She’s not supposed to think. She’s supposed to be looked at. She is supposed to be consumed.
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