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Add photos to Tropy
I would highly recommend Tropy for this kind of personal use. It is an open-source, free, desktop application that has lots of customizable options for tagging and management, as well as templates for easy use. It looks like you will be able to upload items without maintaining the file structure: https://docs.tropy.org/using-tropy/add_files

Their documentation is very robust, and I have had great luck getting a response from the developers via twitter for any questions I came across.

I am sure there are other options out there, such as Bridge or a proprietary system, but the interface for Tropy is super helpful for this kind of image management.
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6 days ago by lovelytree
Catalogs vs Sessions: An Epic Battle of Our Times - DT Commercial Photo
That means I can find all of my 5-star wedding images using any program that can search folders for files, including the Finder’s Find command in MacOS. 
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5 weeks ago by foliovision
Sessions Explained • Image Alchemist
Move you images to a different location from within Capture One (Library tool). This will ensure that your adjustments will stick to the images.
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6 weeks ago by foliovision
How I organize my Photos to play nicely with Capture One and Lightroom — Sven Stork
Both Lightroom and Capture one allow you to store/sync metadata in the actual files (or side car files). This crucial for my approach. In Lightroom you can enable this in the catalog settings:
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6 weeks ago by foliovision
Introducing Golden: Mapping human knowledge
Golden’s mission is to collect, organize and express 10+ billion topics in an accessible way, presented in neutrally-written and comprehensive topic pages.

In order to help achieve this mission we raised a $5 million seed round from a16z (led by Marc Andreessen), Gigafund (Luke and Steve), Founders Fund (led by Cyan Banister), SV Angel, Liquid 2 Ventures/Joe Montana, Aston Motes (1st employee at Dropbox), Christina Brodbeck (1st designer of Youtube), Lee Linden, Immad Akhund (my cofounder at Heyzap, now CEO of Mercury), Josh Buckley, Howie Liu (CEO of Airtable), James Smith (CEO of Bugsnag), James Tamplin (Founder of Firebase), Jack Smith, Mike Einziger of Incubus, Sumon Sadhu, Paul McKellar (Square founding team), Trip Adler (CEO of Scribd) and many other great angels.
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6 weeks ago by euler
Success, Failure, and 1.5 Million Assets
The Imaging department has created hundreds of high-resolution 3D models using advanced imaging techniques such as photogrammetry and laser scanning. These projects often contain thousands of files and are multiple gigabytes in size.

To ensure that these projects are ingested into the DAMs whole and intact, we added Bagit to our workflow. Bagit allows a user to create, and then validate, a folder before and after ingest. The package is checked on a schedule to be certain that there is no data loss and that no unwanted changes have occurred.
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10 weeks ago by euler
digital asset manager
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12 weeks ago by pacifico
Webdam is digital asset management software that helps your company organize digital assets. Click to find out more.
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march 2019 by dholland

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