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The biggest store in Texas: Nebraska Furniture Mart.
"Need a sofa? How about a soap dish? The largest furniture store you’ve ever seen has nine football fields’ worth of inventory. Here’s what to expect on your visit."
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Power industry clashes over transmission line - Dallas Morning News
But it faces strong opposition from NRG Energy and Calpine, two of the state’s largest power generators. Their attorneys argue the $590 million project is unnecessary and nothing more than a money grab at the expense of Texas ratepayers by CenterPoint and its partners, which includes the electrical co-op Garland Power & Light.
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Power industry clashes over transmission line - Dallas Morning News
Since deregulation more than a decade ago, revenues have shifted away from the generation side of the business. Low natural gas prices have brought the wholesale price of electricity -- and with it power plants’ profits -- crashing down. At the same time more than $11 billion in new transmission projects approved by the PUC, including $7 billion to expand transmission to wind farms in West Texas, has raised revenues at the utilities.
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