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Dallas Cat Cafe @ Cat Connection in Dallas | GuideLive
(It looks like “summer” in this context is roughly April through August.)
“Visit the Cat Cafe at Cat Connection to spend quality time with adoptable felines in a relaxed and informal setting. Enjoy complimentary Lovecup Coffee and treats, enter to win awesome cat stuff and meet special guest and internet celebricat Sauerkraut Kitty.

“The Cat Connection hosts pop-ups once a month throughout the summer. Here’s the schedule.”
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Contact/Hours — TheCasualCatCafe
This looks to be a potential DFW cat cafe, but they’re also 30 mins / 29.6 miles from home.
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Napoleon Kittens For Sale | Windysweptt Napoleon & Himalayan Persian Kittens
So their website is a skosh janky, but perhaps this might be another option for Napoleon kitties? (Napoleon cats are a cross between Persian and munchkin.)

And apparently “standard” are the short-legged ones.
cats  dallas  munchkin  napoleon  2019 
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Scottish Folds Kittens for Sale
Oh, yeah—Scottish Folds are a cute type of cat! And this breeder is in Dallas, which is quite handy.

Upside: Her website actually looks pretty decent, and these cats are legit cute.
Downside: The prices for some of her kittens are like 1200 or 1500. Yikes.
cats  breeders  scottishfold  dallas  2019 
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PreciousPetsTexasNapoleon Kittens Yorkie Pups
(According to this video—https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pa_6XdT7MHA—a Napoleon is a cross between a munchkin and a Persian cat.)

These folks are in Arlington, and this actually looks like a halfway promising option.
munchkin  cats  dallas  napoleon  2019 
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preciouspetstexas.com Napoleon Kittens Yorkie Pups
(Hmm—well, this finally looks promising.)
“The Napoleon Minuet kitten is somewhat of a rare thing. In our country of 327M people there are only about 50 Napoleon Minuet breeders. And when normally only half of a litter may have the shortie legs you can see how it may be harder than you think to find your perfect kitty. Our suggestion: When you find the one you like Don’t Wait! Proper breeders will usually only have 2 litters per Mommie cat per year. When doing the numbers it makes sense to go ahead and call to secure your Precious Pet that will bring you joy, love and sandpaper kisses for years to come. You cannot go wrong with a Napoleon Minuet kitten.”
cats  munchkin  dallas  2019 
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SPCA of Texas
Oh, hey—the SPCA of Texas has bunches of cats for adoption.
cats  spca  texas  dallas  adoption  2019 
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Munchkins for Sale in Dallas | Cats on Oodle Classifieds
This site is a skosh janky, but they have some entries for munchkin cats.
cats  munchkin  2019  dallas 
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Meet our cats – Humane Society of North Texas
It looks like this is the Humane Society of North Texas’s page for cats.
cats  texas  dallas  humanesociety  2019 
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Munchkin For Sale in Texas - Hoobly Classifieds
There aren’t a lot of places for Munchkin cats near Dallas, but there are a few here.
cats  munchkin  dallas  2019 
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Cat Adoptions Dallas Kittens Rescue Homes for cats Adopt Spay Neuter
“We have a cat adoption event every Saturday from noon-8 pm at Petco Prestonwood on Montfort between Arapaho and Beltline (just across the street is Addison). We also have a cat adoption event every Saturday and most Sundays at Mesquite Petco on Town East Blvd. from 1-5. We also have adoptable cats and kittens on display at Petco Casa Linda, Petco Carrollton, Petco Lovers Lane, Petco Prestonwood and Petco Mesquite all the time.”
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Nicole Wayland on Twitter: "OMG—I just checked her workshop schedule, and she had a workshop in Dallas YESTERDAY! The summer/fall schedule is coming out June 3, so maybe keep an eye on it if you'd prefer in-person learning, and maybe she'll be back that
(It looks like Nicole Wayland learned calligraphy through one of Laura Hooper’s workshops? And perhaps it may be worth checking back on June 3 to see if Laura may have updated her schedule with her summer classes?)

“OMG—I just checked her workshop schedule, and she had a workshop in Dallas YESTERDAY! The summer/fall schedule is coming out June 3, so maybe keep an eye on it if you’d prefer in-person learning, and maybe she’ll be back that way!”
calligraphy  tutorials  nwaylandediting  twitter  2019  dallas  classes  writing  handwriting 
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We Have Munchkin Kittens Near Dallas, Tx in - Hoobly Classifieds
“We raise Munchkin, Manxkin (Manx/Munchkin) , and soon Kikts (Scottish Fold and Munchkin) We are taking deposits for spring litters. $250 deposit will put you on the list.

“Price reduced to $550 on 2 older kittens. We have 2 male red tabby 6 month old Munchkins. They’ve had all shots except rabies. We are breeding for spring 2019 kittens. Prices start at $850. We guarantee health and disposition. All our kittens are current on vaccinations and deworming. We love our kittens and only want them to go to loving homes.
Standard prices start at $850.00 You can call for info 972-636-3629 or visit our website at platinumpainthorses.com.”
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