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Standing Dates
No one is more surprised than Posner when he and Irwin become friends.
the.history.boys  dakin/irwin  yuletide 
december 2012 by malfoys
Red Pen
irwin's corrections on dakin's essays are in red pen.
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december 2012 by greeneyedharpy
The History Boys, Dakin/Irwin, suck, date
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september 2011 by elegwen
when our falsehoods are divided
In the imperfect subjunctive the verb mentir becomes mentissions, its edges dragged out into alluring sibilants. First person plural, because Dakin knew that neither of them were ever completely honest; imperfect, because the past had never been anything but.
fanfiction  historyboys  dakin/irwin  nc17 
august 2010 by juliandarling

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