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Pedophilia smear campaign
Details of how a deliberate right wing hoax becomes mainstream
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Declaring Nuclear To Be 'Green Energy' Could Save It | The Daily Caller
Connecticut lawmakers have proposed legislation to save in-state nuclear reactors by classifying them as green energy, which would allow them to better compete with heavily subsidized wind and solar power.
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may 2017 by eversourcenh
Declaring Nuclear To Be 'Green Energy' Could Save It | The Daily Caller
Connecticut lawmakers have proposed legislation to save in-state nuclear reactors by classifying them as green energy, which would allow them to better compete with heavily subsidized wind and solar power.
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may 2017 by northernpass
Veterans Affairs Violating Transparency Rules | The Daily Caller
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) officials “egregiously” flouted transparency laws and failed to publish data that could show whether leaders’ claims of improvement are true, a watchdog group says.

President Barack Obama directed agencies in 2009 to become more open with the public by publishing data about operations online and creating a new transparency plan every two years. In the years since, the VA hasn’t bothered to make a plan of action, much less publish info like wait times at its hospitals.

Another Obama administration initiative created Hospital Share, a consumer website comparing the performance of all types of hospitals — nonprofit, for-profit and government-supported. But the VA, which is both government-run and the largest hospital network in the country, doesn’t submit data, even though the law requires it.

A new analysis from the Sunlight Foundation, a liberal-leaning nonprofit focused on government transparency, ripped the VA as one of the most secretive agencies in the nation. The strong language is atypical for the usually mild-mannered group.
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october 2016 by sunlightfoundation
Donald Trump Has First Fundraiser In Silicon Valley | The Daily Caller
Saul Fox is a consistent donor of conservatives. He worked with super PACs supporting 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney and has personally contributed $216,500 dollars to primarily Republicans since 1990, according to the Sunlight Foundation. Fox supported Rubio and Cruz in the primary contest, but switched his loyalties since Trump won the Republican nomination.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was paid roughly $270,000 an hour after a three-day stumping tour throughout Silicon Valley earlier in August. In total she raised around $18 million dollars meeting with hollywood elites like entertainer Justin Timberlake and former basketball superstar Magic Johnson, as well as leaders of tech giants like Apple CEO Tim Cook. (RELATED: Apple CEO Tim Cook And Speaker of the House Paul Ryan Will Meet For Fundraising Discussions)
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september 2016 by sunlightfoundation
Foreign Donors Use Non-Profits To Influence Politicians | The Daily Caller
Ornstein added that corporations have financial interests that don’t always intersect with the concerns of Americans.

“Anybody who believes a giant foreign company isn’t listening to what its overseers are saying is far too naive for me.”

Conservative John Pudner argued that “closing off doors is key,” suggesting that non-profits should be required to provide evidence that the donated money is not foreign.

“There is no explicit right to make anonymous political contributions,” added Melissa Yeager, “the American public is clearly exhausted in the influence of money.”
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july 2016 by sunlightfoundation
Windswept Denmark Says Wind Energy Has Become Too Expensive - The Daily Caller
Denmark’s government abandoned plans to build five offshore wind power farms Friday amid fears the electricity produced there would become too expensive for Danish consumers.
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may 2016 by northernpass
Green Energy Causes Record Spike In Electricity Prices | The Daily Caller
In 2014, American households saw the largest electricity price increases in 6 years, according to government data, as utilities are forced to use more green energy and invest in energy efficiency and grid improvements.
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Smart Meters: Energy In, Privacy Out - The Daily Caller
And it’s not just consumers who are worried — in a submittal filed with the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities on January 17, Northeast Utilities (the largest utility system in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire) had this to say about smart meter security: “Without resolution of the [issues related to] cyber-security, it is not possible…to develop a suitable [smart meter implementation plan]. [Smart meters] introduce a brand new portal into the Companies’ information systems, significantly increasing the cyber-security risk.”

Past surveys of U.S. utilities have shown that cybera
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january 2015 by eversourcenh
Daily Caller Gets Duped By Holocaust Denier Into Quoting Fake Clinton Letter
The Daily Caller's political reporter Patrick Howley wrote an article last month asserting that former President Bill Clinton once praised a Holocaust denier.

But the Holocaust denier in question, himself a man with several aliases who's previously admitted to fabricating information, said this week that Howley had just fallen for one of his "inventions."

Howley's article, dated Dec. 31, quoted from what was alleged to be a 1998 letter attributed to Clinton that praised a filmmaker named David Stein for one of his Holocaust documentaries. The Daily Caller reporter did not cite the source of the purported letter.

“It is with great pride that I recognize David Stein and his organization, the Tinbergen Archives, for their part in keeping the memory and the lessons of the Holocaust from ever being forgotten,” Clinton allegedly wrote, as quoted by Howley.

As Howley himself pointed out in the article, "David Stein" is an alias of David Cole, a Jewish man who decried the Holocaust as a hoax on talk shows in the early 1990s. Cole revealed in a 2013 interview with The Guardian that he had been using the name "David Stein" for years to ingratiate himself among conservatives in Hollywood, following death threats he said he'd received from militant Jewish groups.
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january 2015 by jtyost2
The Daily Caller: Left-wing foundation influence disclosed among FCC rule-change petitioners
The Sunlight Foundation in 2010 received $852,546 from the Knight F0undation, a major donor to progressive causes. In 2009, the FCC commissioned a study from Knight to assess the information needs of certain communities. Published in June 2011, the study advocates for the broadcast ad rule change proposed by the FCC.
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november 2011 by sunlightfoundation
Daily Caller: Glowing White House transparency report omits first 8 months, skews story
And the non-profit Sunlight Foundation sees initiatives like these as a step in the right direction.

The foundation noted in April that “Data.gov may be imperfect, but it has already and convincingly earned a spot as a big part of the future of American open government.”

Making information publicly accessible, however, doesn’t always translate into genuine transparency.
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october 2011 by sunlightfoundation
Daily Caller: Ethics questions emerge about former Mississippi congressman’s telecom lobbying
The Daily Caller has a piece about a former congressman lobbying on behalf of the telecom industry that uses data from the Sunlight Foundation's Influence Explorer:

Telapex’s political action committee has courted prominent net-neutrality supporters in past election cycles, most notably Reps. Byron Dorgan and Ed Markey. The Sunlight Foundation’s “Influence Explorer” notes that since 1999, Telapex’s PAC donated a combined $16,000 to Pickering, Dorgan, and Markey. During Chip Pickering’s entire tenure in office, the PAC steered $14,000 in direct contributions to his campaign coffers.

It should come as no surprise, then, that when Pickering went to work for the lobbying firm Capitol Resources just months after leaving Congress, he lobbied on behalf of the Telapex-owned Cellular South. Public comments lodged with the Federal Communications Commission acknowledge his lobbying contact with that agency on Cellular South’s behalf.
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september 2011 by sunlightfoundation

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