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Clean and Filthy
After failing to kill Dumbledore and fleeing with Snape, Draco finds himself in the middle of quite a mess.
entrenous88  daily_deviant  kink  draco/snape  nc-17  slash  fic:read  length:medium 
march 2010 by la_dissonance
In which Harry has no idea how good it feels to have his nipples touched
entrenous88  kink  daily_deviant  hp  fic:read  length:medium  nc-17  harry/charlie 
january 2010 by la_dissonance
Until My Darkness Goes
Symphorophila, implied bloodplay, masturbation, general creepy wrong/rightness...
unbroken_halo  r  kink  daily_deviant  hp  fic:read  length:teeny  snape/sirius 
january 2010 by la_dissonance
Tradition, Upheld
"Like the ancient Greeks and Romans. Hey, we've got Latin spells from them, why not this?"
snegurochka_lee  kink  daily_deviant  hp  fic:read  length:short  nc-17  teddy/bill 
january 2010 by la_dissonance
Le Ténébreux
" Je suis le ténébreux,- le Veuf, - l'inconsolé, Le Prince d'Aquitaine à la tour abolie: Ma seule étoile est morte, et mon luth constellé Porte le soleil noir de la Mélancolie."
lesyeuxverts  hp  severus  daily_deviant  r  fic:unread  length:teeny 
december 2009 by la_dissonance
Lost and Held
An accident gives Sirius and Peter a shared secret
gatewaygirl  fic:read  hp  nc-17  slash  kink  daily_deviant  sirius/peter  length:medium  amazingfic 
november 2009 by la_dissonance
la_dissonance: [fic] Ladies in Waiting (Malkin/Grubbly-Plank, NC-17)
I'm acutely aware of how this garment will cover her body, how every square inch that I've touched will touch her, in turn. It makes me wet.
fic:mine  nc-17  kink  femslash  la_dissonance  length:short  hp  daily_deviant 
november 2009 by la_dissonance
The Feel of It
James really really wants some hot desperate frotting with Teddy on his couch.
mindabbles  teddy/james  nextgen  length:medium  hp  slash  nc-17  daily_deviant  fic:read 
october 2009 by la_dissonance
Dinner and a Show
Minerva's voyeuristic fantasies come true all at once. Kink: edible aphrodesiacs
purplefluffycat  nc-17  hp  daily_deviant  fic:read  length:short  minerva/albus/severus 
october 2009 by la_dissonance

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