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Learn Kotlin while developing an Android App (Introduction)
Libraries that we are going to use:
Retrofit 2.0: To consume public Reddit API.
RxJava: We will use Observables to decouple the UI thread with our background tasks. In this case to call the API and return this values to the UI.
Picasso: Load images from Reddit.
RecyclerView: We will use the RecyclerView to present the information and also to provide the infinite scroll behaviour.
Kotlin Android Extensions: to bind the UI (Views) with code.
Dagger 2: Dependency Injection
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4 weeks ago by bigpicbruh
Simplified billing system with AWS Lambda - Software House ASC
Interesting analysis of cold start and costs of running java microservices in AWS Lambda, using kotlin and micronaut
kotlin  dagger  microservices  micronaut  awslambda 
march 2019 by diroussel
Albert-Gao/DaggerAndroidKotlinExample at withTest
A minimal setup for using dagger-android with Kotlin to setup application wide and activity wide dependencies. - Albert-Gao/DaggerAndroidKotlinExample
dagger  mock  android  instrumentation  test  example  unit  project  androidinjector  functional  daggermock 
january 2019 by lgtout

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