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Israel-Palestine: the real reason there’s still no peace
"Since the end of the cold war, the United States has not so much as considered using the sort of pressure it once did, and its achievements during the past quarter-century have been accordingly meagre. US policymakers debate how to influence Israel, but without using almost any of the power at their disposal, including placing aid under conditions of changes in Israeli behaviour, a standard tool of diplomacy that officials deem unthinkable in this case. Listening to them discuss how to devise an end to occupation is like listening to the operator of a bulldozer ask how to demolish a building with a hammer. The former Israeli defence minister Moshe Dayan once said: 'Our American friends offer us money, arms and advice. We take the money, we take the arms, and we decline the advice.' Those words have become only more resonant in the decades since they were uttered."
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Thomas Cook and the Stack Pirates
"We know each other, kind of, as we’re often the only people up here. He’s probably an alum, like me, milking our lifetime access to one of the few quiet places in Manhattan. His focus is better than mine: he reads court records all day, spine curved and one finger following the type, never getting up, not even to go to the bathroom, though an enormous plastic cup of iced tea sweats in front of him (smuggling that in is a serious accomplishment). Occasionally he asks me the time, though it doesn’t seem to have any bearing on what he does. In contrast, I’m up and down all day. Going to get a book. Going to the lobby to use my phone. Going out to get a snack that I have to sneak back in. Crossing and uncrossing my legs. Sighing. My mom has the same restlessness, a symptom of anxiety, for which she joined a support group. They have a phone tree, and when one of them is anxious they call one of the others. These calls have become a source of great anxiety for my mom."
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This is how LeBron James and the Cavs (and Lady Gaga) stay in shape
"James, 32, is defying the odds in extending his prime -- once considered a three- to four-year window for a player -- well into a decade of dominance even as his odometer will hit 50,000 career minutes played during the first quarter of Wednesday's Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals in Boston. James did not get to this point without carefully managing his body. He was introduced to the VersaClimber in his third season in the league by a former Cavs strength coach and has included it in his workout routine ever since. 'We've been doing it for a long, long time,' says Mike Mancias, James' personal trainer. 'And the reason we do it is to conserve. No pounding on the joints. No wear on his back, his knees, his ankles, all that, his hips. It's just all non-weight-bearing cardio. It was a godsend, really.'"
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At a Besieged White House, Tempers Flare and Confusion Swirls
"In private, three administration officials conceded that they could not publicly articulate their most compelling — and honest — defense of the president for divulging classified intelligence to the Russians: that Mr. Trump, a hasty and indifferent reader of his briefing materials, simply did not possess the interest or the knowledge of the granular details of intelligence gathering to leak specific sources and methods of intelligence gathering that would harm American allies."
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Comey Memo Says Trump Asked Him to End Flynn Investigation
"Mr. Comey wrote the memo detailing his conversation with the president immediately after the meeting, which took place the day after Mr. Flynn resigned, according to two people who read the memo. It was part of a paper trail Mr. Comey created documenting what he perceived as the president’s improper efforts to influence a continuing investigation. An F.B.I. agent’s contemporaneous notes are widely held up in court as credible evidence of conversations."
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