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Rerunning update hooks in D8 | bleen.net
drupal_set_installed_schema_version('my_module', 8005);
drupal  d8  drush  batch  update  reset  hook 
9 days ago by justcaldwell
Config Pages | Drupal.org
At some point i was tired of creating custom pages using menu and form api, writing tons of code just to have a page with ugly form where client can enter some settings, and as soon as client wants to add some interactions to the page (drag&drop, ajax etc) things starts to get hairy. Same story was with creation of dedicated CT just to theme a single page (like homepage) and explaining why you can only have 1 node of this type, or force it programmatically.
drupal  d8  config 
25 days ago by bvt
8 - How to Reduce/Increase module's weight on the module install process? - Drupal Answers
But which has higher priority, high or low weights?
Low comes first: -10....-1....1....10 and so on.
8  d8  drupal  web  dev  cms  computing  weight  module  value  order  high  low 
4 weeks ago by therobyouknow

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