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A visual introduction to machine learning part 2
The goal of modeling is to approximate real-life situations by identifying and encoding patterns in data. Models make mistakes if those patterns are overly simple or overly complex.
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4 days ago by rexarski
Methods of Comparison, Compared / Observable
Discover insights faster and communicate more effectively with interactive notebooks for data analysis, visualization, and exploration.
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5 days ago by pmigdal
The Trouble with D3 – Ian Johnson – Medium
People see the impressive output and naturally desire the ability to make it themselves, they ask how it is done and often hear “it was made with d3.” This is the start of the problem, because when someone hears that it was made with d3, they think “oh, I should go learn d3”. They go over to the documentation and see something like this:
7 days ago by visuell
How to read a log scale: What Mike Bostock means | Chartable
A few weeks back, I read a tweet by Mike Bostock, a very influential voice in the data vis scene. “Don’t compare percentage change on a linear scale,” he said, “Use a log scale instead. -50% (0.5×) is as big a change as +100% (2×).”
d3js  mbostock  logscale  scale 
7 days ago by visuell
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I've taught to nearly 300 faculty, staff, and students at primarily t…
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8 days ago by martinjc
The Trouble with D3 – Ian Johnson – Medium
The trouble with D3 is to build a visualization you must also have a deep understanding of SVG, DOM, JavaScript, geometry, color spaces, data structures, the standard model, and quantum physics
9 days ago by pmigdal
The Trouble with D3 – Ian Johnson – Medium
Recently there were a couple of threads on Twitter discussing the difficulties associated with learning d3.js. I’ve also seen this come up in many similar conversations I’ve had at meetups…
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10 days ago by bentsai
See I told you it was a day for reflections on .
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10 days ago by briantrice

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