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Computing Pi / Observable
Compute Pi to 1000 places in a web worker, in observable!
observable  d3  math  workers 
yesterday by backspaces
Peter Cook | Freelance data designer & developer
author D3 in depth - freelance work and explorations
d3.js  d3  vis 
2 days ago by mozzarella
Command-Line Cartography, Part 1 – Mike Bostock – Medium
This multipart tutorial will teach you to make a thematic map from the command line using d3-geo, TopoJSON and ndjson-cli—free, open-source tools written in JavaScript. We’ll make a choropleth of California’s population density
d3  GIS  tutorial  cli 
2 days ago by backspaces
D3 and Canvas in 3 steps – freeCodeCamp
The downside of interactive D3 — "you can’t show a lot of elements. Why? Because the more elements you push into the DOM, the harder the browser has to work to display them all. Let them also move around and the browser needs to re-calculate them constantly. The more knackered the browser gets the lower your frame rate or FPS (Frames Per Second), which measures how many frames the browser can paint each second."
D3  canvas  tutorial 
2 days ago by macloo
Learn D3.js for free
Become a data visualization wiz in less than an hour
javascript  d3  data-virtualization 
3 days ago by lenciel

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