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The Friend of a Friend (FOAF) RDF vocabulary, described using W3C RDF Schema and the Web Ontology Language. D3 example
javascript  d3  CapMon 
15 hours ago by pmorch
A Better Way to Code
Introducing d3.express: the integrated discovery environment.
d3  programming  ide 
23 hours ago by lenciel
A Better Way to Code – Mike Bostock – Medium
If you’ve ever gotten frustrated trying to figure out why your code doesn’t work, or how someone else’s code works, you are not alone. This is for you. For the last eight years or so, I have been…
d3  javascript  programming  jupyter 
yesterday by morganwatch
React Move - Beautifully and deterministically animate anything in React
animation  d3  react 
3 days ago by lenciel

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