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Tracy Murray On Lakers - Yahoo Sports Radio
"I don't think anybody is a good coach for this team...they just can't stay in front of people any more...coach is in a no win situation".
NBA  Lakers  D'Antoni  coaching 
december 2012 by miranx
Knicks Happy To Win, Maintain Perspective - Sporting News
“Our whole philosophy is that everybody should play with the same amount of energy. That ball flows and some nights it finds Tyson, some nights it finds 'Melo, some nights it’ll find Amare,” D’Antoni said. “And once that ball moves around and we do the right things and follow the script, then different guys (will score). Normally Melo and Amare will be our leading scorer, and every once in a while Tyson will come in with a big game like he did. We should never plan on something, because you never know what the defense will do. We just need to have good ball movement, and if we do that, we’ll be okay.”
NBA  D'Antoni  coaching  flow  philosophy  Knicks 
april 2012 by miranx

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