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iphone & desktop wallpapers for font freaks & typenuts
Type-themed & type-inspired iPhone & desktop wallpapers for typenuts. Completely free; no strings attached.
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december 2009 by nhoizey
ScrnShots: Share your inspiration
"ScrnShots is the best way to take, find, and share screenshots of web and screen based design."
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december 2009 by nhoizey
DeskLickr - Flickrize your Mac desktop!
DeskLickr grabs all its Desktop images from Flickr, while giving you all the options to grab photos from your profile, tag searches or even the DeskLickr group filled with hand selected Desktop goodness!
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july 2007 by nhoizey
Mozilla Update :: Extensions -- More Info:Screen grab! - All Releases
Screengrab saves entire webpages as images. Just install it, make sure Java is configured (Java absolutely necessary), and right-click on a page. You can save the entire page as an image (it scrolls around the page taking shots and stitches it together...
mozilla  image  firefox  browser  extension  screenshot  copie  d'écran  todo:link 
april 2007 by nhoizey
WebSwoon - The web photographer
WebSwoon can load several web sites adresses (alias URLs) and automatically save the displayed web pages as images. It is useful, for example, if you want to provide information about a web site and display a capture of its content.
web  site  screenshot  copie  d'écran  todo:link 
april 2007 by nhoizey
Small faceless background application program to take screenshot quickly and easily and save it as a various image format file or clipping file on the Desktop (or copy it to Clipboard)
capture  screenshot  image  mac  copie  d'écran  software  todo:link 
april 2007 by nhoizey

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