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whitespire - peacefrog - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Vaguely AU. Quentin & Eliot get it on in the throne room.
The waiting was the agony. Quentin wanted to drop to his knees right there and swallow Eliot down, but that wasn’t part of the game. The rules said that Quentin had to take his time. Eliot wouldn’t have him any other way.

Quentin stripped off Eliot’s shirt, removed his jewelry bit-by-shining-bit, helped him out of his spats and his boots. His erection tented the front of his breeches and Quentin could hardly resist. He ran a hand delicately over the curve of it and Eliot caught him by the wrist.

“That’s cheating,” Eliot drawled. “Your High King demands patience from all his subjects. Even those that happen to be… lesser kings.”

This was their game. Arousal pulsed in Quentin’s blood like a fever. “Forgive me, Majesty.”
themagicians  peacefrog  kink  d/s  quentin/eliot  pwp  au 
9 days ago by greedy_dancer
My Love Should Be Heard And Not Seen by lurknomoar
Cecil Palmer is the best phone sex operator in the small company called Night Vale. One night, a slightly tipsy and very lonely scientist dials his number, and gets far more than he bargained for - a late night conversation about advanced biochemistry, a brand new fetish for surreal horror, a surprisingly reasonable internship program, some newts, and slowly, strangely, the love of his life.
fanfic  Carlos/Cecil  night.vale  ao3  au  words:20.000-50.000  d/s  dirty.talk  masturbation  public.sex  bdsm  bondage  breathe.play  voyagerism  exhibitionism  humiliation  tentacles  alien.biology 
15 days ago by hatinjacket
Breastfeeding Tips For Expecting Mothers
1) Anticipate puffiness, soreness, and lactation
2) Stay hydrated
3) Keep calm and refrain from excess sexual activity
4) Do not fail tip 3

or, a faroff sequel to xx hot older man gets reamed by younger man xx teacher and student play xx.
wc:5-10k  *bing-ge/shenjiu  =scum.villain  2019  author:dearly_anonymous  alpha/beta/omega  porn  D/s  dirty.talk  humiliation 
20 days ago by claudine
Deep End
FestiveFerret - Tony/Steve, E --- 61,682

SHIELD has found a way to make Project Rebirth work - something Tony's father was never able to accomplish. An unexpected side effect has Fury begging Tony for some rather unusual help: the painful procedure has put their volunteer, a sub called Steve Rogers, so deep into subspace he can't come up on his own.
ao3  marvel  avengers  steve/tony  *e  w.f::40k-more  ;★★★  ;♥  canon-div  au  d/s!au  d/s  h/c  pining  pov-tony 
23 days ago by we.are.golden
Princess Steve - Squeakyshroom - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
Billy smirks at him, white teeth glinting: “Finish up, why don’t you? You’re making me regret choosing you to cheat off, King Steve-”

“Don’t. Call. Me. That.”

“Okay....” Billy says, mock sweet. “How about... princess?”

(Or: Steve doesn't know if he hates or loves the pet names; all he knows is that Billy confuses him.)
15k  porn  pwp  d/s  steve/billy 
29 days ago by katereis
In the Middle of Your Picture - TheCheerfulPornographer - Marvel Avengers Movies Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Coming down after a mission is always rough — the longer the mission, the rougher.

If Clint thinks about it like a drug trip, that's because it is. You can't inhabit an altered state of consciousness for that long without having a little difficulty readjusting to the view at ground level. And after a mission like this one, it's going to be even worse.


Phil could easily find out where Agent Barton disappears to, what he does in those days after long missions. He choses not to. He choses to...
9k  porn  d/s  phil/clint 
29 days ago by katereis
Those Who Follow the Righteous Path by Margo Kim
Valjean and Javert are old and changed and carry the past with them nevertheless. This is not always a bad thing.

Or: two old men try kink for the first time.
fanfic  Les.Miserables  Javert/Valjean  bondage  established.relationship  author:margo_kim  bdsm  negotiation.kink  cuddling  ao3  words:5.000-10.000  d/s 
4 weeks ago by hatinjacket
The Avengers: Deep End
Author's Summary: SHIELD has found a way to make Project Rebirth work - something Tony's father was never able to accomplish. An unexpected side effect has Fury begging Tony for some rather unusual help: the painful procedure has put their volunteer, a sub called Steve Rogers, so deep into subspace he can't come up on his own. (WC: 61,682)
The_Avengers  Tony/steve  D/s  Subspace  Subdrop  Start_of_a_Relationship  Ensemble(The_Avengers)  WC:50001-75000  Bondage 
4 weeks ago by sternfan
Dress You up in My Love by Glissando [Archive of Our Own]
Yoongi never thought he'd see his old Rookie King maid costume again. Not that he can see that much of it, down on his hands and knees.
a.glissando  bts  BTS-Namgi  10k-15k  1905  d/s  crossdressing  Idol-verse  pwp 
5 weeks ago by pastself
The Ways We Fit Together - portraitofemmy - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Sequel to A Year in the Life. Eliot & Q experiment more at the mosaic - Eliot is the toppiest bottom and he brings home some rope to tie Q up with.
“So I freaked out,” Quentin says, while Eliot settles down half on top of him.

“You totally did,” Eliot agrees. Q’s starting to look a little sheepish again, turtle in on himself, and that’s the last thing Eliot wants. His fingers find Quentin’s hair, smooth through the soft strands until the repetitive motion starts to soothe Q’s nerves. “Do you know why?”

Quentin shrugs, eyes flicking around the candle lit room, until they land on Eliot’s. “I got caught up in my head, I guess. Couldn’t focus.”

“Why?” Eliot asks, confused, because of all firsts they’d had together, this seems, well. Tame. “I mean, why is this different than anything else we’ve done?”

“Because there’s more pressure? I mean, it’s on me to make it good, right?”

Oh. “Baby,” Eliot says, and he’s gotta work really hard to keep the laughter out of his voice, still isn’t sure he succeeds. “I don’t care what our dicks are doing. If you think that whatever we do together isn’t gonna be me fucking you stupid, then you’re not paying attention.”

It’s amusing, almost, how Q’s eyes go hot and dark and hungry at that. It would be, except it makes Eliot’s stomach clench, makes longing crash over him in a heady wave.
quentin/eliot  d/s  portraitofemmy  themagicians  mosaic!fic  sequel  bottom!eliot 
6 weeks ago by greedy_dancer
Closer to Bound, Closer to Free by bendingsignpost [Archive of Our Own]
Once, just the once, at fancy political shindig, Dean meets someone amazing. Suit just large enough to make the sub look smaller in it, the neck of the shirt unbuttoned wider in the old fashioned style, his tie provocatively loose. Discipline all the way up and down his body, too, standing at attention, staring at attention until Dean had to consciously keep himself from tightening that tie nice and snug, from holding the other man on a short leash.

Dean licks his lips, thinking about it, eyeing the tie, and the sub dares him with pink cheeks and a raised chin, baring his entire front.

It’s tempting as hell, clearly mutual, but Dean doesn’t risk it. Can’t risk the complications.

If they’re gonna get Sam all the way to the Senate in D.C., Sam’s team will have to be as squeaky clean as Sam himself.
5k+  a.bendingsignpost  dean/castiel  1904  au  d/s  spn 
7 weeks ago by pastself
Royal Privilege by pinlilli
“Here?” Merlin hisses. His eyes slide to Uther and Morgana, seated mere feet away at the head of the table alongside Arthur. Then, he looks over his shoulder. The hall is packed for the feast tonight, Camelot welcoming many nations for the annual jousting tournament. He turns back to Arthur with rounded eyes.
Fic  Merlin  Slash  Merlin/Arthur  PWP  D/s  Established_Relationship  WC:2K-5K  Apr2019 
7 weeks ago by paraka
susiecarter: Incurable (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne)
Clark comes back a little bit wrong—or maybe more than a little bit. He poses a danger to anybody close to him, in more than one way. There's only one person he can think of who's learned enough about Kryptonian biology to help him and isn't currently in prison; and Wayne owes him, anyway. At least he won't have to feel guilty about lashing out anymore, if he's doing it at the guy who tried to kill him.

Except "lashing out" doesn't really cover it, after a while—and maybe Wayne's in over his head just as far as Clark is.
fic  dceu  bruce/clark  ptsd  belligerentsexualtension  angst  hot  lizardbrain  d/s  favourites 
8 weeks ago by elise.grey
Practice (Sometimes) Makes Perfect by Emjayelle
The new slave is inadequate. Arthur wants to never stop fucking him.
Fic  Merlin  Slash  Merlin/Arthur  AU  Slavery  PWP  D/s  Established_Relationship  WC:<2K  Apr2019 
8 weeks ago by paraka
Numb3rs/NCIS: Unacceptable
Author's Summary: Prompt: “Don/Tony and the prompt is 'You just have to take one for the team, don't you?'”. (WC: 2,093)
XO:NCIS  XO:Numb3rs  Don/tony  D/s  Established_Relationship  Rare_Pairing  WC:1000-2500  Injured:Anthony_DiNozzo 
9 weeks ago by sternfan
on horses made of sticks by pageleaf [Archive of Our Own]
At twenty-two years old, things are going pretty well for Jeon Jungkook: he has a brand new government-issued superhero license, a nationally-aired talk-show interview in a week, and the support of his friends and family behind him. Everything seems to be going according to plan.

Until he runs into a masked vigilante on his first patrol who fucks it all up.
60k-70k  a.pageleaf  au  BTS  BTS-Jinkook  *  saved  d/s  1905 
9 weeks ago by pastself
out for more - silentwalrus, skellerbvvt - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
They did it once, they can do it again: two old men's journey through intimacy, idiocy and interpersonal communication

Really hot as the two of them start exploring kink.
captamerica  steve/bucky  d/s  hotlikeburning 
9 weeks ago by norwich36

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