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Creative Review - New D&AD Ad Filter blocks bad advertising
"We wanted to demonstrate that people don't hate advertising, they just hate bad advertising." --> er, wrong.
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may 2015 by benterrett
Sir Jonathan Ive and entire Apple design team fly to London to collect prestigious D&AD awards - Technology - News - Evening Standard
Apple has been named the best brand and the best design studio of the last 50 years at the D&AD Awards, one of the world's most prestigious prizes for advertising and design.

Sir Jonathan Ive, the company's design guru, who usually eschews publicity, came to collect the awards, which were held at a dinner at Evolution in Battersea Park in London.

Even more unusually, Apple flew in its entire design team from San Francisco in recognition of the importance of the D&AD Awards and all 16 of them - 14 men and two women - accompanied Sir Jonathan on stage to collect the award for best design studio.
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september 2012 by jaumeb
Moving Beyond Technology -- Campus Technology
Most Significant Metatrends for the Next 10 Years

1. The world of work is increasingly global and increasingly collaborative.

2. People expect to work, learn, socialize, and play whenever and wherever they want to.

3. The internet is becoming a global mobile network--and already is at its edges.

4. The technologies we use are increasingly cloud-based and delivered over utility networks, facilitating the rapid growth of online videos and rich media.

5. Openness--concepts like open content, open data, and open resources, along with notions of transparency and easy access to data and information--is moving from a trend to a value for much of the world.

6. Legal notions of ownership and privacy lag behind the practices common in society.

7. Real challenges of access, efficiency, and scale are redefining what we mean by quality and success.

8. The internet is constantly challenging us to rethink learning and education, while refining our notion of literacy.

9. There is a rise in informal learning as individual needs are redefining schools, universities, and training.

10. Business models across the education ecosystem are changing.
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may 2012 by thinkplaymake
Learning | Commentary | Pecha Kucha - A Review
"Neville Brody is not a wanker. His hair is quite long these days. XFactor is his favourite TV programme. He hates this government but didn’t vote Labour." Err, yes. Except Brodt hates all Governments. And, er, why do all creatives brag about stupidity?
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november 2010 by benterrett

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