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Cynefin for Developers | Liz Keogh, lunivore
Striking the balance between analysis and feedback For decades, we thought that it was possible to get requirements right, or at least mostly right, before developers started coding. Analysts absolved us of the responsibility to collaborate by producing all our requirements up-front, exhaustively checking and re-checking to make sure that nothing the business needed had…
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Codefin is about applying the Cynefin sense making framework to specific practices of software development, to methodology, architecture and design, testing practices, and more. With this approach we bridge over a gap, for Cynefin is mostly used for strategic decisions, while software developers often choose habitually their favourite tools, irrespectively of the context. The resulting Codefin framework is a synergy, where the various methods and practices of software development each find their place in the Cynefin domain landscape, and it becomes clear why the multitude came about and how to approach a given situation.
june 2019 by pks
Cynefin 101 – Portfolio Management
One of the core ideas of Cynefin is the use of safe-to-fail experiments to determine how you want to evolve the system.
june 2019 by pks
Cynefin Framework Introduction - Cognitive Edge
The Cynefin Framework is central to Cognitive Edge methods and tools. It allows executives to see things from new viewpoints, assimilate complex concepts, and address real-world problems and opportunities. Using the Cynefin framework can help executives sense which context they are in so that they can not only make better decisions but also avoid the problems that arise when their preferred management style causes them to make mistakes.

Cynefin, pronounced kuh-nev-in, is a Welsh word that signifies the multiple factors in our environment and our experience that influence us in ways we can never understand.

In this video, Dave Snowden introduces the Cynefin Framework with a brief explanation of its origin and evolution and a detailed discussion of its architecture and function.
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I'm thinking about in / - finding value in defining what domains our le…
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Will be interested to hear what front line practitioners think of at this London Agile Discussion G…
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Complexity, Cynefin, and Agile - YouTube
good overview of cynefin in the context of agile development
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