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Details on the Chill New Way to Bike to Evanston – Streetsblog Chicago
Glenwood Greenway to extend #Lakefront Trail to Evanston this year! #Chicago #cycling
Rogerspark  cycling  bike  lane  route  2018  news  evanston  edgewater  glenwood  chicago  lakefront  trail 
2 days ago by csrollyson
• Aluminum CNC Machined arms• OPC-12 Black Pad• Dimension 53-70mm• Silver anodized• 230g/wheel• 1242 Straddle ...
mercian  cycling  brakes 
2 days ago by forzagaribaldi
Here are the four elements of a cyclist-friendly ‘protected intersection’ | The Star
Amid efforts to eliminate preventable fatalities on Toronto’s streets, safety advocates are proposing a four-point plan to make the city’s intersections safer for cyclists.
cycling  urbandesign  article 
3 days ago by mud
2018 Flat Pedal Roundup (Part-II) – GRAVELBIKE
Doesn't cover my favorite flat pedal, the VP-Vice
pedals  cycling 
3 days ago by cdzombak
The Bike Share War Is Shaking Up Seattle Like Nowhere Else | WIRED
Yet the willingness—even eagerness—of Seattle's three dockless bike sharing companies to enter into expensive and restrictive agreements with the University suggests that another way is possible. Instead of squeezing into gaps between the rules, these companies are entering into operational and financial partnerships with a jurisdiction, albeit a small one.
cycling  bikeshare  dockless  transport  regulation  innovation  Ofo  Limebike  Seattle  USA  Wired  2018 
4 days ago by inspiral
NorthCape-Tarifa bike race
A single-stage, unsupported, 7368km cycling race across Europe.
brevet  cycling  race  event 
4 days ago by steffenfiedler
A few observations on the bikesharing systems in China
Mindblowing Twitter thread. The variety of systems, most of which are barely impinging on our systems over here in Ireland!
china  bikesharing  cycling  bikes  transit  public-transit  commuting 
4 days ago by jm
2018 Tour de France Odds
Make sure your calendar is clear for the first weekend of July. In addition to your unofficial Fourth of July parties, we’ve got the World Cup quarterfinals, the middle rounds of Wimbledon and the beginning of the Tour de France. The Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook has released odds for this year’s premier cycling event with Great Britain’s […]

The post 2018 Tour de France Odds appeared first on WagerTalk News .
Olympics  cycling  Tour  De  France 
6 days ago by WagerTalk
Smashing a cycling record... on a Penny Farthing - BBC News
Smashing a cycling record... on a Penny Farthing

Scots cyclist Mark Beaumont rode 21.92 miles (35.3km) in an hour on the vintage-style bike to beat the 127-year-old British record at Herne Hill Velodrome.

But the Scottish cyclist was 290 yards short of the world record of 22 miles and 150 yards.

Mark holds the record for cycling around the world, which he did in 2017 in 79 days, 44 fewer than the previous record.

15 Jun 2018
bbc  news  cycling  scotland 
6 days ago by ndf

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