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529 Garage: Register. Respond. Recover.
"Community-based bike registration and recovery service."
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3 days ago by JJLDickinson
Salsa Journeyman, New Gravel and All-road Bike
Salsa just unveiled the Journeyman, a new gravel/all-road bike with clearance for 650b x 2.2″ or 700c x 50mm tires and plenty of bikepacking-friendly features. Priced at $899 or $1,099, the Journeyman seems to be quite a bargain for those looking to dabble in backroad wandering or gravel road adventure.
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4 days ago by mikael
Helping communities market their bicycle tourism opportunities - CycleLifeHQ
Our objective is to help local communities and governments realize their bicycle travel and tourism potential:

Establish your community as a cycling destination. Working with local government agencies, convention and visitor bureaus, destination marketing organizations and stakeholders, we’ll help plan, design, activate and manage your bicycle tourism offering.

Engage with a niche cycling audience in a global marketplace. Through our global marketplace and destination marketing platform, we can showcase all your community has to offer bicycle tourists, boosting your brand and making it easier for bicycle travellers and tourists to search, find and book everything they need.

Expand. We provide local businesses with tools and support services to build awareness and training, providing capability to enhance existing bicycle tourism offerings. Our marketplace has a revenue stream which keeps more money locally through a profit-share model.

Optimize. Once the basics are in place, we look at ways to get more ‘heads on beds’ through itinerary packages and other campaigns.

MoBikeFed comment: CycleLifeHQ is one of just a few companies working to promote local bicycle tourism worldwide. They have a few ways for communities to enter their bicycle tourism assets, including opportunities that are free or quite low cost to the local community.
tourism  cycling  cyclelifehq 
4 days ago by mobikefed
Jefferson City Convention and Visitors Bureau's NEW Biking Jefferson City page : VisitJeffersonCity. com
Located off the Katy Trail, Jefferson City is the perfect place for you to veer from the beaten path and venture into exciting new territory. Whether you are looking for a paved route like the Jefferson City Greenway or want to take an off-road adventure on Frog Hollow Nature Trail, the city makes for a perfect bike-friendly destination. The newly created bike lanes throughout the city offer easy access to many of the trails and parks, as well as nearby attractions and restaurants. Go for a ride and discover what Jefferson City’s trails have to offer!

MoBikeFed comment: We have been encouraging Missouri convention and visitors bureaus to include infuriate pages on local bicycling opportunities in the area.

Bicycling is one of the most common vacation activities, and Missouri has many amazing bicycling opportunities.

Let's make the most of them!

At this time, few Missouri CVBs have bicycling pages.

But had just published an excellent Bike Jefferson City page.

Please check it out and--encourage your local tourism bureau to create a similar page for your area.
tourism  jeffersoncity  economicdevelopment  economicimpact  cycling 
4 days ago by mobikefed
Ride Calendar – Spacecoast Freewheelers
Note: they have intro group rides which would be a great way to get started on learning to group ride. Pace is 16 mph and they go about an hour. Perfect!
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4 days ago by 4and20blackbirds

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