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Weaken From Within | New Republic
Once there was a fox that wanted to eat a turtle, but whenever he tried to, it withdrew into its shell. He bit it and he shook it, but he wasn’t getting anywhere. One day he had an idea: He made the turtle an offer to buy its shell. But the turtle was clever and knew it would be eaten without this protection, so it refused. Time passed, until one day there appeared a television hanging in a tree, displaying images of flocks of happy, naked turtles—flying! The turtle was amazed. Oh! They can fly! But wouldn’t it be dangerous to give up your shell? Hark, the voice on television was announcing that the fox had become a vegetarian. “If I could only take off my shell, my life would be so much easier,” thought the turtle. “If the turtle would only give up its shell, it would be so much easier to eat,” thought the fox—and paid for more broadcasts advertising flying turtles. One morning, when the sky seemed bigger and brighter than usual, the turtle removed its shell. What the turtle did not understand: The aim of information warfare is to induce an adversary to let down its guard.
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4 weeks ago by sprafa
"So you told an entire room full of hackers to 'hack the FBI'?" — of 's talks with…
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6 weeks ago by andriak
The World Once Laughed at North Korean Cyberpower. No More. -
Fuck the 21st century where this jerkoff can shut down our infrastructure if Trump tweets something stupid
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8 weeks ago by jcretan

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