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Five Simple Tasks to Keep Your Website from Getting Hacked | Mightybytes
Website hacks happen all the time. Here are five simple tips to keep your site safe and secure.
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yesterday by mgifford
FedEx Customer Data Exposed on Unsecured S3 Server
Although the organization was closed, data inherited from 2009-2012 remained available on the server, exposing personal identifiable information from citizens representing Canada, Japan, China, Australia, the EU, and other countries until the bucket was removed from public access this month. The server contained more than 119,000 scanned documents including passports, driver's licenses, and security IDs, in addition to scanned "Applications for Delivery of Mail Through Agent" forms with names, home addresses, phone numbers, and zip codes.

easier to look for data left on misconfigured S3 servers. The service, dubbed BuckHacker, lets people search by file name or bucket name, which may include the name of the business using the server
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2 days ago by bwiese

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