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Windows 10 will soon run Edge in a virtual machine to keep you safe | Ars Technica
"Microsoft has announced that the next major update to Windows 10 will run its Edge browser in a lightweight virtual machine. Running the update in a virtual machine will make exploiting the browser and attacking the operating system or compromising user data more challenging."

"The Edge browser already creates a secure sandbox for its processes, a technique that tries to limit the damage that can be done when malicious code runs within the browser."

"Credential Guard's virtual machine is very small and lightweight, running only a relatively simple process to manage credentials. Application Guard will go much further by running large parts of the Edge browser within a virtual machine."

"As with other VBS features, Application Guard will also only be available to users of Windows 10 Enterprise, with administrative control through group policies"
Edge  Windows  browser  cybersecurity 
12 hours ago by pierredv
Cyber Force Fights Training Shortfalls: NSA, IONs, & RIOT « Breaking Defense - Defense industry news, analysis and commentary
three critical specialties on a team:

1) tool developers, who write the customized code — often exquisitely tailored to the specific target — required for cyber warfare;
2) exploitation analysts, who look at the intelligence on a target network and figure out how best to attack it; and
3) Interactive On-Net (ION) operators, who probe hostile, friendly, and neutral networks for weak points.

Pentagon’s created a Cyber Excepted Service that frees them from many of the usual civil service constraints and provides an ever-growing array of incentives, including greater pay for higher skill
cybercom  nsa  cybersecurity  military  disa 
2 days ago by bwiese
Know Your Enemy: Lockheed Touts ‘Intelligence-Driven’ Cybersecurity « Breaking Defense - Defense industry news, analysis and commentary
increasing attacks on its 16,000 suppliers and contractors, seeking an indirect route to the prime contractor and the government itself. There are legal limits on discussing contracts with third parties, and subcontractors often dislike disclosing who their sub-sub-contractors are, lest the prime contractor decide to cut out the middleman. But Lockheed and the Pentagon are working to add clauses to contracts that would give the government, if not Lockheed, full visibility into every part of the supply chain.

not just analysts but in-house coders to write new tools as needed, reverse-engineering specialists to take apart the attacking code, and infrastructure experts who help run Lockheed’s vast networks, all sitting side by side to ease collaboration.

most valuable asset in this cyber fight is a trained warrior.
lockheedmartin  cybersecurity  supplychain  cyberkillchain  career 
2 days ago by bwiese
How On-Site Security Can Benefit Your Business
Many businesses are having discussions about cybersecurity and keeping your data and finances protected. Read on to discover the benefits of providing on-site security for your business.
security  business  cybersecurity 
2 days ago by Adventure_Web
Facebook’s ex-security chief is starting an institute to tackle tech’s biggest threats - The Verge Oct 2018
Alex Stamos, Facebook’s ex-chief security officer, ... is launching a new institute he’s calling the Stanford Internet Observatory.
TheVerge  Facebook  cybersecurity  Stanford 
2 days ago by pierredv
RT : Excited to announce I signed a book deal. Expected release date Summer 2019
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2 days ago by TomRaftery
RT : The Cyentia Library - a free catalogue of industry reports - just doubled in size and now contains o…
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3 days ago by versus
“Call for Papers” is now open for CPX 360 2019. Share your how-to’s, successes, and te…
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4 days ago by phoneboy
super cool to share our Security Design principles w/ a great crowd during their mont…
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U.K. Cyber Security Center Says Most Attacks Are From Hostile States - Bloomberg Oct 2018
"The U.K.’s National Cyber Security Centre blamed hostile foreign states for the majority of the 1,167 attacks it has handled in the two years it’s been running, equivalent to 10 assaults a week."

"As fifth generation or 5G telephone networks come into service, companies should examine their supply chains, which may be at greater risk of hacking, the report recommended."
Bloomberg  UK  cybersecurity  vulnerability  5G 
4 days ago by pierredv

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