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Contrasting China’s and Russia’s Influence Operations
This theory developed out of research into psychology and cybernetics as the Soviet Ministry of Defense sought to incorporate the techniques of operations research into decision-making. By mapping how an adversary’s system framed problems and processed information, Russian planners could design operations to shift that adversary’s decisions in an advantageous direction. The Chinese, however, seem to focus on individuals rather than effects, on shaping the personal context rather than operational tricks // because they don't want to tear the shithouse down
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4 days ago by yorksranter
Evolved Control of Natural Plants: Crossing the Reality Gap for User-Defined Steering of Growth and Motion : KADK - Arkitekt- og designskolerne
Mixing societies of natural and artificial systems can provide interesting and potentially fruitful research targets. Here we mix robotic setups and natural plants in order to steer the motion behavior of plants while growing. The robotic setup uses a camera to observe the plant and uses a pair of light sources to trigger phototropic response, steering the plant to user-defined targets. An evolutionary robotic approach is used to design a controller for the setup. Initially, preliminary experiments are performed with a simple predetermined controller and a growing bean plant. The plant behavior in response to the simple controller is captured by image processing, and a model of the plant tip dynamics is developed. The model is used in simulation to evolve a robot controller that steers the plant tip such that it follows a number of randomly generated target points. Finally, we test the simulation-evolved controller in the real setup controlling a natural bean plant. The results demonstrate a successful crossing of the reality gap in the setup. The success of the approach allows for future extensions to more complex tasks including control of the shape of plants and pattern formation in multiple plant setups.
11 days ago by tonyyet
AI Mk. VIII radar - Wikipedia
Although the precise origins of the concept are unknown, on 8 March 1941 Bertrand Lovell recorded the concept of lock-follow in his notes for the first time. This was a modification to the spiral-scan system that allowed it to track targets automatically without further manual operation
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16 days ago by yorksranter
Pāṇini - Wikipedia
Pāṇini's theory of morphological analysis was more advanced than any equivalent Western theory before the 20th century.[15] His treatise is generative and descriptive, and has been compared to the Turing machine wherein the logical structure of any computing device has been reduced to its essentials using an idealized mathematical model.[1]

(Dhatupatha described as analogous to HvF: If you desire to see, learn how to act. -- by Conversation Factory host
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29 days ago by zryb
How nuclear fears helped inspire creation of the internet | Aeon Essays
This is really good, on JCR Licklider and the origins of packet switching and personal computing
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4 weeks ago by yorksranter
Trump in the Web of Pax Technica - The New York Times
-- really lazy article. No mention of Tufekci and over reliance on a premise from a single book. Come on guys, surely, one can do better....
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5 weeks ago by rvenkat

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