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Preparation & use for Siderotypes: Cyanotype, Vandyke Brown, Argyrotype, Ziatype, and the silver halide process of B&W silver gelatin v.1.5 « Cyanotypes « Formulas And How-To «
This photographic processes user guide focusses instruction on classic B&W silver gelatin printmaking as well as the historic light sensitive iron based Siderotype processes of Cyanotype (iron), Vandyke Brownprint, aka VDB, (silver / gold), Argyrotype (silver / gold), and Ziatype (palladium / gold / tungsten / platinum).
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Making Cyanotypes at Home - YouTube
great easy to understand straightforward how to video
june 2019 by quetzal13
While these photos were taken to document Connor-Ruddy advertising in the outfield of Hanlan's Point Sta…
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