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Alum Shawn Wong: Recovering Lost Novel of Japanese American Resistance
YES MAGAZINE -- My teacher, Kay Boyle, mentioned that one of her creative writing graduate students was Jeffery Chan at San Francisco State. He was also an unpublished writer. I got in touch, and Jeffery said, “Oh, you live in Berkeley, there’s this guy named Frank Chin who lives right down the street from you.” I called Frank and said, “I understand you are a writer and you’ve actually published something. I’d like to meet you.” And so between the three of us, we started a quest to find other books.
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Alum Rachel Bublitz's 'Ripped': An Unsettling Play about Sexual Consent
SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS -- Originally from San Diego, Bublitz lived in the Bay Area for more than a decade and now lives in Salt Lake City. “Ripped” has its origin in a writing class that Bublitz took at San Francisco State from former Z Space resident playwright Peter Sinn Nachtrieb about five years ago.

“He had us writing lists about all kinds of different things, like expensive sounding words and profanity and places and themes that we were really interested in,” Bublitz recalls. “And then we started working on plays in his class, and I went to that list and especially started looking at what I wrote down for themes and topics that I was interested in.”
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Leslie Wong Retires from SF State Following Successful Fundraising Campaign
NOB HILL GAZETTE -- Wong, who is retiring next month after seven years as president of SFSU, kicked off the University’s first major fundraising campaign, implemented a campus-wide strategic plan and elevated the school’s athletic profile. From a new Liberal and Creative Arts building to a forthcoming Institute for Innovation in the business college, the University is poised to continue moving ahead, even after Wong’s tenure is over.

“He made us think anything was possible,” says Venesia Thompson-Ramsay, the school’s interim vice president for university advancement. “He just has big dreams.”

The campaign, dubbed the BOLD Thinking campaign, is scheduled to continue for another 18 months, but it’s already raised more than 90 percent of that $150 million goal. Anchored by major gifts from Chris Larsen, an alumnus and co-founder of Ripple, and his wife Lyna Lam, and by George and Judy Marcus, also both alums, the campaign has not only improved campus facilities, but is also providing more scholarship money to students, increasing the number of endowed faculty chairs, and encouraging innovative programming campuswide, like the new Center for Iranian Diaspora Studies.
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Faculty Member Faints in Hot Classroom
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- “Last fall, [Creative Writing Lecturer] Donna de la Perrière fainted in a fifth-floor classroom in the Humanities Building due to extreme temperatures and had to be taken to the hospital via ambulance.”
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First Look Trailer
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Alumni Judy and George Marcus Donated $25 Million to SF State 'Out of Gratitude for the Experience We Both Had'
NOB HILL GAZETTE -- Whether it’s in the city or on the Peninsula (they live in Los Altos Hills), in the political arena or in philanthropic endeavors, the Marcuses make a big impact in all they do. Case in point: Last year, the couple gave San Francisco State University, their alma mater, a $25 million gift to benefit the school’s liberal arts programs. Added to the $1.8 million athletics scholarship they previously gave, it’s the largest gift in the school’s history.

Last year, you two gave a $25 million gift to your alma mater, San Francisco State — the largest grant ever given to that institution. How did that come about?

“It was just out of gratitude for the experience we both had there,” George Marcus says. “The state schools don’t get the respect that some of the other schools get in terms of doing research. We wanted to impact the quality of what they’re doing. … They need research money. They need things that challenge them to do better. And they need endowed chairs so we get the best professors that are available for the various subject matters. We’re very excited about it.”
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Alum Jason Mendez's Play 'Supremacy' Uses Mythic Fiction to Explore Racism
SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS -- Originally from Southern California, Mendez originally came to San Francisco to go to SF State, where he got his M.F.A. in playwriting. This is his first full-length production.

In this story of an adopted young black man who’s been trained all his life to keep his head down and stay out of trouble, an officer-involved shooting turns everything upside down and suddenly thrusts him in the middle of an increasingly heated national debate.

“I think that it will really challenge people’s perceptions about how we deal with and how we talk about these types of scenarios,” he says. “It was really important to me to really try and be fair to all of the characters involved and not arbitrarily paint anyone as a particular victim or villain. We really wanted to take the time to make sure we did that right and we were sensitive to the material.”
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Greenhouse Theatre Festival Highlights Modern-Day Mental Health Struggles
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- “SF State graduate student Just Duléa presented her piece, ‘Depression Diaries,’ on the last two days of the festival. The performance incorporated music, dance and poetry to explore the life of the protagonist, Ayodele, and her battle with depression.

“Duléa said that she wanted to specifically express mental health difficulties in the Black community.

“‘[‘Depression Diaries’] navigates the complexity of balancing mental health and wellness within the Black community,’ Duléa said. ‘I wanted to create something that felt like community and personal at the same time. This is about creating space.’”
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Alum Forrest Gander Wins Pulitzer for New Collection 'Be With'
PETALUMA ARGUS-COURIER -- It was then that he returned to California to attend grad school at San Francisco State University. That’s where he met his wife, the late poet C.D. Wright, with whom he relocated to Mexico for a number of years before returning and settling on the East Coast.

“The landscape here, in Northern California, just shook me, though,” he recalls. “C.D. and I always planned to retire somewhere in California, eventually. Petaluma is a nice distance from San Francisco, it’s close to places I like to hike and explore, and it’s a community that has a history of being a good place for writers. A lot of writers have lived here, and still live here.”
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Alum Forrest Gander, Awarded Pulitzer for Reflections on Loss, Embraces Brighter New Chapter
PRESS DEMOCRAT (SANTA ROSA) -- The title “Be With” is borrowed from a book of posthumously published poems by Gander’s partner of more than 30 years, the renowned C.D. Wright, who died unexpectedly in her sleep in 2016. That book’s dedication states, “for Forrest / line, lank and long, / be with.” The compilation is divided into thirds. One third, on the loss of Wright, grapples with “the difficulties of expressing grief and yearning for the departed,” according to the Pulitzer committee.

After graduating from William and Mary, Gander earned his Master of Fine Arts at San Francisco State, where he met Wright. Once he finished school, he supplemented his writing income by working in a methadone clinic on Polk Street.
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Professor Michael David Lukas Wins Sami Rohr Prize
J. (SAN FRANCISCO) -- Oakland writer Michael David Lukas, an assistant professor of Creative Writing at San Francisco State University, has won the 2019 Sami Rohr Prize for Jewish Literature for his novel “The Last Watchman of Old Cairo.”

The Rohr Prize, the largest literary prize of its kind, is a program of the Jewish Book Council and carries an award of $100,000. It honors emerging writers who explore the Jewish experience in a work of fiction or nonfiction.
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At Poetry Center Event, Drag Queens Combine Theatrics, Literature
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- “The SF State Poetry Center organized “An Afternoon of Literary Drag with Juliana Delgado Lopera and Monique Jenkinson a.k.a. Fauxnique” on April 27 at 3 p.m. at The Bindery. Delgado Lopera is a drag queen and author, while Jenkinson is a dancer and drag queen by the name of Fauxnique. ...

“‘I came up with [literary drag] myself,’ Delgado Lopera said. ‘I started doing drag because I was tired of how boring readings were and how flat writing felt.’

“According to Delgado Lopera, literature and drag are similar in how they both revolve around storytelling.

“‘[Drag is] kind of like storytelling that comes to life to me and it has a lot to do with performing, writing and being a little bit over the top,’ she said.”
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Higher Education Fundraising Boom Boosts Liberal Arts at SF State and Beyond
INSIDE PHILANTHROPY -- In a post about a big liberal arts gift to San Francisco State University, I wrote that the field has benefited mightily from the higher ed fundraising boom in which American colleges and universities raised a record $46.7 billion in 2018. The formula here is simple: An ambitious multi-billion-dollar campaign engages loyal patrons who rise to the challenge and dig deep for a transformational gift for the liberal arts.
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Alum Prince Gomolvilas' Play 'The Brothers Paranormal' Premieres in Minneapolis
MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE -- In writing the play, Gomolvilas said he was keen to explore themes that long occupied his imagination. The first of two children born to a waitress mother and lab technician father (who also worked as a bartender), the 46-year-old playwright has been fascinated with horror and storytelling since childhood. One of the first movies he ever saw was “The Amityville Horror,” released in 1979.

“I don’t know why or how a 6- or 7-year-old ended up in that theater but it scared the hell out of me,” he said.

Then again, the movie inspired a lifelong obsession with the supernatural, something Gomolvilas studied at San Francisco State University, where he earned undergraduate and Master of Fine Arts degrees. “My past plays have dealt with alien abduction, spontaneous combustion, UFOs and now ghosts,” Gomolvilas said.
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