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Custom Gold Grillz Diamond Cut & Diamond Dust Tips with Iced Out Fangs Grillz - YouTube
Go here to purchase 👉👉 Removable grillz custom fitted EXACTLY to your mold. FREE mold kit included! After you order, we'll send you a mold kit for you to take an impression with and ship back to us. Your custom grillz will be mailed to you 7-10 business days after we get your mold. Stay icy all day everyday with this piece. These lab diamond grillz use a base of Solid .925 Sterling Silver for a look that's affordable, but still hits hard in the light. We can also use 10K, 14K, and 18K Gold. These custom grillz use 1.5mm lab diamonds that are smaller than our other grillz, allowing us to pack more stones and have them shining hard in the light. Each stone is carefully hand set by our jeweler for a fully iced out look. This piece is also available with colored stones for a unique look. Please contact us directly to order. Instagram @customgoldgrillz E-mail:
Custom  Gold  Grillz  Diamond  Cut  &  Dust  Tips  with  Iced  Out  Fangs 
16 days ago by customgoldgrillz

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