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Understanding Custom Editors Config
Become familiar with custom text editors configurations and build the experience you want for site maintainers
perch  perchrunway  editor  configuration  customisation 
17 days ago by garrettc
Use column formatting to customize SharePoint
[!NOTE] If you have spaces in the field name, those are defined as _x0020_. For example, a field named "Due Date" should be referenced as $Due_x0020_Date.
SharePoint  customisation  formatting 
25 days ago by kmara
Ned Batchelder:
Someone recently asked how to permanently change the prompt in the Python interactive REPL. The answer is you can point the PYTHONSTARTUP environment variable at a Python file, and that file will be executed every time you enter the interactive prompt.

I use this to import modules I often want to use, define helpers, and configure my command history.
python  customisation  customization  startup 
april 2019 by bezthomas
Bookmarker for pinboard
I’m a Pinboard user and I noticed there was no Safari App Extension yet using the new architecture, or at least I couldn’t find one, so I thought it might be an interesting small personal project to try to create a minimal Pinboard Safari App Extension and get it in the App Store. I started the project for 3 main reasons:

I would use the extension a lot myself.
I would learn using a new development environment, programming language,…
It might be useful for others too.
I succeeded in my goal and my Safari App Extension is available in the App Store since about a week: bookmarker for pinboard.
safari  extension  pinboard  customisation  customization  extensions 
march 2019 by bezthomas
exa · a modern replacement for ls
You list files hundreds of times a day. Why spend your time squinting at black and white text?

exa is an improved file lister with more features and better defaults. It uses colours to distinguish file types and metadata. It knows about symlinks, extended attributes, and Git.
cli  linux  terminal  customisation  customization  ls 
december 2018 by bezthomas
Atom file-specific icons for improved visual grepping
icons  editor  customisation  atom 
november 2018 by buymeasoda
DotShare is the attempted solution to all of the sporadic "Post your X configs!" threads on various distro's forums. Moving all of those threads to one central location, people can follow and get updates from users who often post configs they like or share their tastes in setups. In the end making it much easier to find what interests them and the new cool things people are coming up with.
dotfiles  customisation  customization  *nix  linux  config  sharing 
october 2018 by bezthomas
Stylus ::
Stylus" is a fork of the popular Stylish extension which can be used to restyle the web. Not "ish", but "us", as in "us" the actual users. Stylus is a fork of Stylish that is based on the source code of version 1.5.2, which was the most up-to-date version before the original developer stopped working on the project. The objective in creating Stylus was to remove any and all analytics, and return to a more user-friendly UI. We recognize that the ability to transfer your database from Stylish is important, so this is the one and only feature we've implemented from the new version.
style  browser  extension  extensions  customisation  customization 
july 2018 by bezthomas

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