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Spot The Moments Of Truth To Create Unforgettable Customer Experience | CustomerThink
Like in the book What’s the Future of Business: Changing the Way Businesses Create Experiences, the author Brian Solis, says:

“Businesses must invest in defining not only a positive experience but also a wonderfully sharable one. Doing so influences others to join the fray while offsetting negative inquiries and the damaging viral effects of shared negative experiences.”
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november 2017 by briansolis
CustomerThink: Reimagining Retail - Why Experience Is the Key to Survival
No one understands the business imperative of creating meaningful experiences better than Brian Solis, futurist and author of X: The Experience When Business Meets Design.
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june 2017 by briansolis
Customer Think: Customer Experience is Dead, Long-Live Co-Design
All the great examples of customer experience best practice from the Apple Genius Bar, to the Disney Magic Band, from Brian Solis’s Experience Architecture to Pine and Gilmore’s Experience Economy are all premised on co-creation and co-design with the customer not a generic experience as anything.
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june 2017 by briansolis
Customer Experience Management and Customer Expectations | CustomerThink
The Moments of Truth

Following research by Google, findings by P&G, and Brian Solis, who describes this in his book “X: The Experience When Business Meets Design” there are 4 important Moments of Truth, which are also called micro moments. Let me quote Brian:

Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT): Introduced by Google, this is the moment when people are searching for what they want
First Moment of Truth (FMOT): This concept was introduced by P&G and is the moment when people see your product and form first impressions about it.
Second Moment of Truth (SMOT): This is actually more than a moment; it’s the collection of moments when people feel, think, see hear, touch, smell and (sometimes) taste as they experience your product. It’s also how your company supports them in their efforts throughout the relationship.
Ultimate Moment of Truth (UMOT): This is the instant when a customer creates content based on an experience with your product or service and publishes online, in apps, on YouTube, Amazon, and so on, in their social communities and networks for others to find.
Each and every of these micro moments are encountered by customers once or several times, in an arbitrary order, at different touch points. The customer journey is not linear.
press  media  publicity  Brian  Solis  moments  of  truth  X:  The  Experience  When  Business  Meets  Design  CustomerThink 
january 2017 by briansolis
Chief Customer Officer for the Energy Industry, With Penni Conner – CB27 | CustomerThink
Penelope (Penni) Conner has spent her entire career in the energy industry. Her background is interesting as she is professionally an engineer, but found her way to the customer care space.
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november 2016 by eversourcenh

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