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Net Promoter Score Considered Harmful (and What UX Professionals Can Do About It)
Quote: "We’ve learned that NPS doesn’t tell us anything about the customer’s experience or their loyalty. In fact, we can’t trust NPS to tell us anything useful."
nps  metrics  customerservice  customerfocus  analytics 
11 days ago by ajohnson1200
The Weather Challenge
Zappos customer service weather test
customerservice  business 
22 days ago by sojourner
"What Being a Flight Steward Taught Me About Today—And Tomorrow..."
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23 days ago by profitseo
Pinpointing Racial Discrimination by Government Officials -
If awareness really is the first step toward a fix, then the study may be helpful in refining our understanding of racial discrimination in America. It occurs not only in the labor market and the criminal justice system, but also in countless small frictions every day.

The culprit may not be a hate-spewing white nationalist, but rather a librarian or a school administrator or a county clerk, unaware that shes helping some clients more than others.
bias  discrimination  customerservice  racism  america 
29 days ago by kme
"What Being a Flight Steward Taught Me About Today—And Tomorrow..."
CustomerService  from twitter
5 weeks ago by ahailey
Thread for all students of #PublicTransport and #CustomerService
CustomerService  PublicTransport 
5 weeks ago by pigsonthewing

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