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When Does the Customer Journey Begin?
By aligning your content marketing to the journey of prospects before they’re looking to buy, you make your business ideally situated for the next stage, when awareness of the need for a solution kicks in.
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6 days ago by jeromekatz
Betterment’s Low-Fee Evangelist Has a Retirement Algorithm for You
Key quote "we don't make money from customers. We make money from money." That's why customer service can be so bad.
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6 days ago by jeromekatz
Data for Better Customer Service
Add a description about your page or projects. Should be around 135 to 160 characters.
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8 days ago by bradbarrish
Walmart deploys 17,000 Oculus Go headsets to train its employees | ZDNet
Walmart said it is using the headsets to train within three key areas: new technology, compliance, and soft skills like empathy and customer service.
walmart  work  futureofwork  virtualreality  customerservice 
26 days ago by jorgebarba
Danny Meyer’s Recipe for Success
How the restaurant mogul behind Union Square Cafe, Shake Shack, and many other dining destinations uses culture to drive scale.
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5 weeks ago by jorgebarba
Language barrier won’t hold back chatbots in the Netherlands
"BB lives on Facebook Messenger, where it helps travellers find and book flights, as well as remind them to check in. BB is connected to KLM’s API’s – but also to the company’s Salesforce CRM system so that webcare employees can easily take over the conversation when BB doesn’t know what to say.... For KLM, a smart chatbot isn’t just a gimmick. In fact, since the company implemented BB, it saw engagement grow 40%. Customers threw a whopping 1.4 million queries towards BB, and 15% of all boarding passes are now sent to customers over Messenger."
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8 weeks ago by cote

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