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Is CX the new killer app for ERP vendors? I seriously doubt it
All these analytics are nonsense if you don’t actually act on them, especially when it comes to customer service:

> I’ve filled out countless product registration/warranty cards over the years and only recently has one manufacturer ever reached out to me. Sadly, that outreach was a blatant money grab to sell me an extended warranty and new filters for my refrigerator. That’s not CX, that’s salesforce automation (SFA).

> Think about it. Did any manufacturer thank me for my purchase? Did they ever check in on me to see how I liked the performance, reliability, usability, etc. of the appliance? Did they ever try to get an advantage when I was in the market for newer appliances? Nope. They didn’t care about the customer experience as their interest faded away once the product sale occurred. Great CX isn’t needed in companies where amnesia kicks immediately after the sale.


> ...their CX offerings include little, discrete tools that customers can use to take a small portion of the online commerce friction out of the sales process. These tools don’t make the company more customer-focused. They just make the ordering of products easier. The company doesn’t change in these scenarios. The same indifferent, internal processes and people are there. It’s just a web app that’s changed.

> This is not transformative. This is an insult to customers who really want to be put front and center with the company and its interactions. These little, baby-step, piecemeal solutions aren’t solving much. They buy some time for the software customer but, in the end, they may just postpone the day of reckoning for the firm when its customers defect en masse to more customer oriented organizations. You can’t be putting ‘customers at the center of things’ if you’re actually avoiding them.
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24 days ago by cote
Our intelligent virtual agent handles repetitive calls so you can focus on high value interactions with your customers.
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29 days ago by shalmaneser
with is here to stay. How to do better at with Conversational
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5 weeks ago by jhill5
On Hold for 45 Minutes? It Might Be Your Secret Customer Score. - WSJ
Two people call customer service at the same time to complain about the same thing. One waits a few seconds before a representative gets on the line. The other stays on hold. Why the difference?

There’s a good chance it has something to do with a rating known as a customer lifetime value, or CLV. That secret number is used by all manner of companies to measure the potential financial value of their customers.

Your score can determine the prices you pay, the products and ads you see and the perks you receive.
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6 weeks ago by ramitsethi

With and , this is the power of truly caring about your customer!

Way to go…
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6 weeks ago by dtomoff
A customer-centric company is more than a company that offers great service. It's about an ONGOING…
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6 weeks ago by jhill5

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