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november 2017 by ormg
How to Establish Credibility, Build Rapport and Become a Trusted Advisor | Tony Reiss
Building rapport, establishing credibility, and building trusted relationships: four ways to strengthen each one of these important skills for client relations.
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september 2014 by jflorablack
How To Sell Agile To Fixed Bid Contract Clients
As recommended by Elena Yantzcek: "really useful answers, pointing to blogs like this really nice one from codesqueeze, recommending "target scope" or "target cost" models rather than either "fixed bid" or "time and materials."
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april 2013 by jflorablack
Boy writes letter to LEGO after losing minifigure, gets awesome response | Games Blog - Yahoo! Games
"@tim_weber: Boy writes letter to LEGO after losing minifigure, gets awesome response Awwww ... #customerrelations"
january 2013 by Katierocket
Scrum Alliance - Your Client Isn't Your Product Owner
While product owners participate in each of the Scrum rituals, their core job functions run outside and parallel to the jobs of the ScrumMaster and team. Essential product owner tasks include:

Facilitating an achievable and valuable vision for the product
Guiding and adjusting an iterative release strategy that fits into the prevailing market tempo
Distilling high-level requirements into deliverable user stories with complete acceptance criteria
Enabling accurate prioritization of the product backlog
Communicating complex issues of system architecture and technical debt back to clients
Negotiating client-side disputes about requirements, design, and priority

In essence, then, the product owner fills two major roles: proxy client when facing the Scrum team, and product management coach when facing the customer.
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november 2012 by jflorablack
7 Tips for Improving Customer Experience through Changing Processes - BPM Leader
Connect with your customers and make them feel truly welcome.
Get rid of useless processes.
Add unexpected small (positive) surprises to differentiate.
Use online communities and forums.
Find internal employees who are customer champions
Re-use customer experience buzz
Leverage analytics and reporting tools; use all that data in your CRM systems.
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october 2012 by jflorablack
How I Increased Growth Rate By 10% Last Month | Planscope Blog
Growth had grown from 8% to 18%! More trials were converting to paid accounts, and my cancellation rate was dropping fast. What happened? I got serious about onboarding users After getting someone to sign up for your product, onboarding – or ensuring that a user’s first run experience with a product is awesome – should be your biggest concern. Identifying the low hanging fruit What do most of your paying customers have in common? Once you’ve figured that out, your goal should be to ensure that as many people as possible do whatever your customers have done as quickly as possible. Designing my onboarding around these core criteria
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october 2012 by jflorablack
12 Most Breathtaking Stories to Tell Your Customers
How to tell your company's story.

FTA: Annette Simmons, (The Story Factor), in many ways, introduced it as a concept for business. Peter Guber, (Tell to Win: Connect, Persuade, and Triumph with the Hidden Power of Story), developed it further. Dan Portnoy (The Non-Profit Narrative: How Telling Stories Can Change the World) brought it into the realm of non-profits. Facebook has used the concept as a theme for status updates.
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october 2012 by jflorablack
Targeted Relationships: A Project Management Consulting Maturity Model - McDowell22011 Targeted.ashx (application/pdf Object)
This paper provides insight into the differences and similarities between project and program managers, differentiates between the client and customer, and defines several relationship levels between project/program managers and clients/customers.
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august 2012 by jflorablack
Building critical stakeholder relationships…starting a new engagement off right.
How to start off right when starting a new project or consulting gig. Get a good start with the stakeholders, and continue to build those relationships.
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august 2012 by jflorablack

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