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Whole Foods complaints about produce quality since Amazon deal - Business Insider
Customers perceive produce quality and stock availability noticeably dropping since @amazon bought @wholefoods
amazon  wholefoods  customer  experience  q4  2017  quality  produce  fruit  vegetable  stock  store  price  acquisition  management 
3 days ago by csrollyson
What Is Nurturing, & Nurturing? Learn More In Our Free Playbook …
leadgeneration  customer  from twitter
4 days ago by mandigital
Know the Two — Very — Different Interpretations of Jobs to be Done
“Be” goals and “do” goals.
Are customers buying the activity or the outcome?
jobstobedone  outcome  product  customer  business  communication  marketing 
4 days ago by colm.mcmullan
5 Tips For Helping Your Child With Their Fundraiser
Whether your child is ready to sell or feeling shy, here are some tips to help motivate children and keep them on task during a fundraiser!
children  customer  fundraising 
5 days ago by Adventure_Web
Differentiation by platform – the Oracle and Salesforce approaches - by @denispombriant
"Salesforce and Oracle are emerging as leading competitive platform plays. Here is an outline of what it means."
cloud  erp  financials  and  supply  chain  platforms  -  infrastructure  architecture  crm  customer  experience 
6 days ago by jonerp
Don't overlook these factors and keep your customers satisfied while you grow.
Neglecting your customers during your busy and noisy worklife is quite likely to happen. It is absolutely certain that it will backfire at you.
Read in this article useful tips on how you can avoid dissatisfied customers while you manage all your activities.
Small  business  customer  Strategy  marketing 
6 days ago by moneytized
Don't Let Your North Star Metric Deceive You — Brian Balfour
We’ve all heard the rallying cry of the “One Metric That Matters”. Choose your north star and focus. Grow 7% week over week. If you grow DAUs, the rest will follow.
growth  and  customer  acqui  ifttt 
11 days ago by parkergrimes
Digging Deeper Into Technology Buying in 2018 - by @barnes_hank
"Our team has just received the preliminary results from our latest research effort and the data is fascinating. It will make its way into a wide variety of research notes and presentation throughout the year. Among the things we’ll be exploring include:

The number of planned and ad hoc buying efforts enterprises contemplate, cancel, and complete over a two year period.
The drivers for ad hoc projects
Buyer communications strategies with vendors
Whether individual interest is consistently a buying signal
A deeper look at buying paths, including span of authority for typical buying team members"
go-to-market  buying  cycle  communications  customer  life  cycel  demand  generation  sales  strategy  situational  awareness 
13 days ago by jonerp

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