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Twilio proclaims a communications renaissance for frictionless enterprise
"Twilio proclaims a great communications renaissance and a new wave of flexible API-based software platforms with AI on top. We see frictionless enterprise"
cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  and  architecture  collaboration  sharing  digital  productivity  crm  customer  experience  frictionless  enterprise 
2 days ago by jonerp
Andrew Lewis on Twitter: "If you are not paying for it, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold."
“If you are not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold.”
twitter  customer  product  2018 
4 days ago by handcoding
Enterprise hits and misses – Sears goes on layaway and chatbots file lawsuits
In this streamlined, “Jon feels the road burn” version of hits and misses, he picks the event coverage that matters, the best of the enterprise web, and, as always – your weekly whiffs."
best  of  crm  and  customer  experience  retail  e-commerce  the  omni-channel 
4 days ago by jonerp
Twilio’s $2 billion for SendGrid says that email’s not dead
"Despite the rise of messaging, chatbots and voice assistants, Twiio's $2 billion purchase of SendGrid sends a message that email's far from dead"
collaboration  sharing  and  digital  productivity  crm  customer  experience  content  marketing  infrastructure  ux  application  design 
5 days ago by jonerp
Bank of America CEO – digital-only is not the way to go in banking
"Bank of America is investing in a combination of digital innovation, platform consolidation and branch expansion. "
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  architecture  crm  customer  experience  digital  enterprise  in  the  real  world  financial  services  fintech 
6 days ago by jonerp
Putting the customer at the heart of marketing – Salesforce CMO Stephanie Buscemi on how it’s done
"The recent Dreamforce conference was customer-rich; CMO Stephanie Buscemi explains how it's done."
crm  and  customer  experience  digital  content  marketing  social 
8 days ago by jonerp
When Does the Customer Journey Begin?
By aligning your content marketing to the journey of prospects before they’re looking to buy, you make your business ideally situated for the next stage, when awareness of the need for a solution kicks in.
ESB6  CH10  promotion  customer  customerservice  customerdevelopment  advice 
9 days ago by jeromekatz
Better Than Guessing is Recognizing
If performed smartly, discount use can supply important information to enhance your site's design and also greatly boost its effectiveness. Paper prototyping can create results in a few hrs of work, as well as tests on an online site can be completed and also evaluated within a couple days.
website  testing  individuals  usability  user  friendly  design  target  market  objectives  paper  prototyping  web  customer  screening 
10 days ago by global.dwellers
Key Takeaways from Dreamforce 2018
"Bundling products and going to market with product platforms and/or bundles is a common tactic of IT vendors and especially cloud vendors. Even cable companies use this tactic to strengthen vendor lock-in and increase adoption. If more companies purchase the bundled offering, the vendor has the ability to report higher adoption rates of the products that make up the bundle regardless of how many companies are actually using that particular product. Bundles like Salesforce’s Customer 360 also make it significantly harder for customers to walk away since multiple aspects of their business now depend on Salesforce to function."  customer  360  platform  dreamforce  einstein  mulesoft  salesforce  sfdc 
10 days ago by jonerp
All Revenue Is Good Revenue Attitudes Force Compromises
"This discussion is almost always a short term vs. long term perspective. Short term, there is pressure to “make the number.” And that scales across the company as you go from sales rep, to manager, to team, to division, etc. But long term, I believe that most, but not all, of these questionable deals to more harm than good."
go-to-market  ideal  customer  profile  revenue  strategy 
10 days ago by jonerp
Retail Customer Experience: How poor customer service impacts the retail customer experience - Brian Solis
Industry website Retail Customer Experience recently wrote an article about how poor customer service impacts the retail customer experience, and extensively quoted Brian Solis’s report with Altimeter on the subject.
customer  customer+service  cx  experience  press  publicity  report  retail  brian  solis 
10 days ago by briansolis | Customer conversational and marketing platform
I upvoted Carrrot on Product Hunt: Turn visitors into customers with data driven conversation at October 9, 2018 at 11:07AM
Product  Hunt  Email  Messaging  Customer  communication  Marketing  Tech 
13 days ago by iamthefury
Journeys in big data and AI across the transport networks of London & Paris
"We should take notice of the pioneering work in big data and AI done by digital innovators at public transport networks - two examples from London and Paris"
customer  service  management  frictionless  enterprise  machine  intelligence  and  ai  mobile  social  use  cases 
15 days ago by jonerp
The $62 Billion Reason to Improve Your Customer Experience
Seven hundred and seventy million dollars in four days. That's how much United Airlines lost after the world watched Dr. David Dao being dragged out of his seat on an April 2017 flight to Kentucky.
Archive  customer  experience  ideas 
16 days ago by fraz87

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