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Download Clover Configurator | mackie100 projects
Download Clover Configurator version: Clover Configurator Classic Edition (>= 10.8) or Clover Configurator Vibrant Edition (>=10.10)
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july 2017 by xcession
[Success] [Skylake] 100% working Z170X system : hackintosh
Hey, this was this key for me to be able to install the OS as well! Unfortunately I can only use the OS with the Integrated Graphics on the Mobo (GA-170X-Gaming 5). How did you get your graphics card to be recognized? I'm using the GA960, and I've installed the Nvidia drivers - however, the OS doesn't seem to see a graphics card. If I try to re-enable the Super IO I get the same kernel crash.
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march 2017 by zara2stra

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