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Figure 6. A digitized glyph, showing the original samples and the fitted curves
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5 days ago by dhotson
Interesting work on casted metal heat exchangers, which may be cheaper/easier to manufacture than PCHE's for some requirements. Investment casting is simpler, and new fancypants 3D printing of sand cores at high resolution may improve surface finish of the mold.
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25 days ago by asteroza
How To Bend A Soccer Ball – Free Kick Tutorial By Freekickerz | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
How to Bend a Soccer Ball – Cost-free Kick Tutorial by freekickerz In this online video I’ll show you how to do the Curve Cost-free Kick like Beckham, Suarez & Özil but you can very easily find out it way too! TutorialThursday Vol.14 feat. JPdestro ► Learn Soccer Skills & Tricks | Ship us YOUR […]
IFTTT  WordPress  Sport  Amazing  Free  Kick  BVB  vs  Bayern  Curve  Ball  Tutorial  freekickerz  goal  How  to  a  Shoot  like  Pirlo  Mario  Götze  with  Power  Soccer  Steven 
9 weeks ago by wotek

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