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all i need, darling, is a life in your shape - deadgreeks
[Really lovely]

"But really, things continued on much as they had before, as if the earth and all of humanity hadn’t been moments away from destruction. The slow days creeped by, the heat of summer having finally peaked and begun the descent into a crisp and pleasant autumn, his favorite ice cream stand was taken over by one selling hot cider and cocoa, and no one appeared in a blaze of light to rain down divine or hellish wrath.

The only true change, apart from Adam’s additions to his collection, was Crowley’s near constant presence.

Although they had hardly been strangers before, they were immortal beings, and time meant far less to them than it did to humans--even in recent years, days or weeks would often pass unremarked before they spoke again. Before the Antichrist’s birth, there were whole years and, especially early on, even decades and centuries that would go by without any sort of contact. Yet ever since they stepped off the bus that brought them to London, seemingly by silent agreement, they had begun living in each other’s pocket."
goodomens  goodomens:aziraphale/crowley  deadgreeks  canon-based  firsttime  aww  curtainfic  G  length:10-15k  saved:mobi  favorite  * 
29 days ago by citibyrd
A Home at the Beginning of the World - stereobone
""It's an Aucuba japonica, angel. Gold dust plant. It's meant to have spotted leaves."

Aziraphale wants to say something smart, like how he doesn't run a bloody nursery, does he? What are they standing in, right here and now? A bookshop. How was he to know? As it were, he's in a really lovely mood, sunny day and all, and Crowley is here, and the kettle is still hot. Aziraphale adjusts his waistcoat. Finally takes the plant from Crowley's hand.

"Why have you brought it here, then?"

"You've got to take it. My other plants are bullying it—"


"Yes," Crowley says. "Better you take it now before it jumps into the garbage disposal itself."

Aziraphale smiles before he can help himself. "That's very nice of you, Crowley.""
goodomens  goodomens:aziraphale/crowley  stereobone  canon-based  firsttime  aww  curtainfic  NC-17  length:5-10k  saved:mobi  favorite 
4 weeks ago by citibyrd
The Earl - ignatiustrout
[sequel to "Here's The Pencil, Make It Work"]

"Harry enters the kitchen and Draco immediately turns to begin rant number 936 about the wizarding world’s complete ignorance of the advances being made re: the Internet — except the words die in his throat when he realizes there is a bit of gray fuzz poking out of the collar of Harry’s zipped jacket.

It only takes Draco a few seconds to realize the bit of fuzz has yellow eyes and is very much alive.

Draco narrows his eyes. “That is not a scarf,” he says.

“No,” Harry says sheepishly. “He’s not a scarf.” There is snow in his hair, and his hands are stained with brightly colored paints as they often are when he returns home from the primary school where he’s doing his student teaching. He unzips his jacket and cradles the ball of fuzz in his hands.

It is a kitten. A small round kitten. Not an “it” but a “he,” apparently.

Draco loves him instantly."
hp  hp:harry/draco  ignatiustrout  canon-based  established  futurefic  aww  curtainfic  jealousy  G  length:1-5k  favorite  humor  saved:mobi 
april 2019 by citibyrd
Title: Gonna Make It Feel Like Home
Summary: Sam's not sure if Dean's just being an ass or if this actually is his idea of how one goes about buying a house
fic  spn  wincest  curtainfic 
march 2019 by sometimesalways
In the Dark, In the Pain, On the Run, by geckoholic
Summary: "After Sam's wall breaks Dean decides they need some time out of the life. They rent a rundown house in a small town, and during the renovations, everything changes between them."
supernatural  sam  dean  wincest  first.time  explicit  curtainfic  season:6  length:15001-20000  author:geckoholic 
january 2019 by morgana
Out Of the Night That Covers Me
The apocalypse was stopped at the eleventh hour, and Lucifer was forced back into his cage. Sam and Dean survived, but now they have to learn how to deal with the loss and destruction, and figure out how to move forward. But how do you move forward when you're mired in the past, and caught up in a web of rage and pain?
wincest  curtainfic  spn  fic 
january 2019 by sometimesalways
A Medley of Extemporanea
Getting out doesn't just seem like a good idea, any more. It feels pretty essential. Everything else...just happens. (Post-AHBL.)
curtainfic  spn  wincest  fic 
january 2019 by sometimesalways
The Daylight Seems To Want You (Just As Much As I Do)
The sun falls through the slits of the drawn shutters, bathes the room in a faded yellow light and throws a striped pattern of light and shadow across everything in it. - Sam/Dean, curtain fic of sorts, PWP.
wincest  fic  curtainfic  spn 
november 2018 by sometimesalways
routine, or what you will - vacant_lot
"Once dressed, Matthew would b-line to the small kitchen unit in his apartment and start on his coffee. The time is now 7:02 am.

He is now approaching the make-or-break point of the morning.

As the coffee brews, (which would take about 10 minutes, for the 8 cups) Matthew would head back to his room. He’d check the time on his phone, pocket it, and glance tiredly at the bed.

The disgusting man shaped pile of flesh slept on the left side of the mattress without a care in the world."
bigmouth  bigmouth:jay/matthew  vacant_lot  canon-based  established  futurefic  curtainfic  aww  PG-13  length:1-5k  saved:mobi 
october 2018 by citibyrd
Gone to ground
Written for: wendy's fluffandfold ficathon, hallowed be the name of domesticity. \o/ The prompt used here is for "foodie one-upsmanship". That's not quite how it turned out, but the Winchesters are willful boys, aren't they?
fic  curtainfic  spn  wincest 
september 2018 by sometimesalways
Psychology of genetic sexual attraction
Notes: while I like this, it also don’t feel sam and dean from it. There’s no emotional brother connection even after they discover they’re related. It’s tough to get non hunting aus right especially don’t know they’re related non hunting aus. This one is well written but I never felt fully emotionally pulled under.

“…50% of of reunions between siblings, or parents and offspring, separated at birth result in obsessive emotions...”

This story begins in 2001 in a garage in Palo Alto when 18-year old Stanford student, Sam Sharma plucks up the courage to ask car mechanic, Dean Cooper, out for a cup of coffee. Their attraction is instantaneous and overwhelming, and the relationship that develops seems perfect. Except nothing is really perfect, and this particular love story started a long time before Sam and Dean even met.

Wincest non-hunting AU. This is my attempt at a boys-don’t-know-they’re-brothers story. Also includes: domestic!boys, jealous!boys, high-powered-lawyer!Sam, mechanic!Dean, and sex scenes in formalwear and office-wear.
au  dontknowtheyrebrothers  wincest  curtainfic  spn  fic 
september 2018 by sometimesalways
Summary Sam/Dean futurefic, Dean's kinda shameless sometimes... Blatant, somewhat schmoopy, definitely dirty futurefic, set about 8 years post 4-22
wincest  fic  curtainfic  spn 
september 2018 by sometimesalways
I still hate the outsider 1st POV on this so much, but then sam and Dean parts are really good curtainfic

Five years after the apocalypse didn’t happen and Sam and Dean have settled down, or as much as the Winchesters can ever settle down. Sam is a college professor and Dean a well-respected small business owner and they’re learning how to balance work, hunting and dog-ownership while coping with the metaphorical and literal scars of war. Life’s not perfect, not for a (sort of) out and proud couple in small town USA with a lot to hide, but they’re dealing, that is, until Dean employs one sexually-confused teenager who develops an unhealthy obsession with both of them. Switching between five years earlier and now, we learn how the boys came together, how they made it through the big fight and whether they’ll ever manage to find that flighty temptress, happily ever after.
curtainfic  fic  wincest  spn 
september 2018 by sometimesalways
Over the hills, far away
Somewhere in the middle of season seven, this world careens towards the left.
Dean looks at Sam and decides enough is enough. They need to settle down for a while, take a breath.
spn  fic  curtainfic  wincest 
september 2018 by sometimesalways
Walking the tightrope
It’s 2036, and twenty years since Sam and Dean called it quits on hunting to take up a secluded, quiet life. Maybe Jesse and Cesar gave them the idea, but after Amara, they realized they’d done enough. And they wanted a proper life together even more.

Known as Sam Wesson and Dean Smith to the residents of the nearby town they call home, Sam and Dean keep mostly to themselves, their immaculately kept ‘67 Chevy Impala, and their cabin in the woods. That is, until someone from their past tracks them down, desperate for help.

Sam and Dean can’t say no, not when it’s their dear friend Jody Mills in deep trouble – she’s missing – but the wedding bands they wear make going back to their old life just that little bit more complicated…
fic  wincest  spn  curtainfic 
june 2018 by sometimesalways
Close Calls - on_my_toes
[The one where Elio goes to Julliard and they meet again. Snapshots of time with near-death moments. Lovely]

"And because of this, Oliver is constantly on guard. There is a part of him watching Elio, and another part of him watching Elio — making sure that they never cross a line. Ready to pull back if Elio slips up and comes too close. Mentally rehearsing what he’d say, what he’d do, how he’d handle it when Elio did. Because yes, being Elio’s friend is sheer agony; but the pain of it is somehow more endurable than the idea of not having Elio in his life at all.

He is almost smug in his preparation for it, in the safety net he has created for the two of them. There are a hundred thousand ways they could break this, whatever this fragile thread is between them, and Oliver has accounted for every single one of them.

It turns out, though, that there are a hundred thousand and one ways; Oliver accounted for everything except for himself."
cmbyn  cmbyn:elio/oliver  on_my_toes  canon-based  past-relationship  futurefic  thinky  h/c  angst  aww  curtainfic  length:20-30k  saved:mobi  favorite 
april 2018 by citibyrd
Out of Gas. Out of Road. Out of Time
Sam and Dean stop for a year. They always get a year.
spn  wincest  postapocolypse  fic  curtainfic 
march 2018 by sometimesalways

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