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Coconut Curry Soup {Unique and Delicious} - Mel's Kitchen Cafe
This coconut curry soup is unique and delicious. It is the perfect coconut curry fix for the winter weather and it comes together in a flash!
recipe  soup  curry  chicken  coconut 
21 hours ago by kbookmark
Curry Mayonnaise Recipe - Genius Kitchen
mayo, curry powder, black pepper, water, vinegar
curry  mayo  steak  bites 
12 days ago by pegasus505
Chip shop curry sauce recipe | BBC Good Food
Starter for 10. Need to... Swap butter for oil (and less), reduce the vinegar, second star anise (or fennel, or aniseed seed), reduce the curry powder, add desiccated coconut, maybe swap the raisins for chopped dates?
cooking  food  recipe  curry  katsu 
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