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Learning Opportunities, Objectives and Outcomes Platform. A curriculum mapping system developed by the university La Charité Berlin and used by some swiss medical schools.
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Thanks Alana! at all levels was one of our main drivers for creating .
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Resources for Teaching and Learning Text Encoding
Interested in teaching or learning TEI? The slides, lecture notes, and other materials here were developed by the WWP for the workshops we teach, and we encourage others to reuse and adapt them. We also offer versions of these materials that have been organized into a set of primers for self-guided study. They are made available here for public reuse under a Creative Commons license. For versions of these materials that were used in a specific seminar or workshop, please visit the site for the event in question.
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20 days ago by jpom
thinking should be regular, and a professional dialogue between teachers and colleagues in other school…
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Do you use Go Math! materials? We have guidance documents that highlight the best parts of the while al…
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24 days ago by tolkien
Amazon donates $3 million for Arlington housing, backs new computer degree at NOVA and GMU - The Washington Post
In the education effort, Amazon Web Services — the retailer’s large cloud-computing subsidiary — will provide curriculum and other support to George Mason and Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) to create what was described as a unique program to produce cloud-computing graduates that tech companies are clamoring to hire.
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26 days ago by pagecarr
Presented some ideas to SLT, Curriculum Area Leaders and Progress Managers on the this evening! Interes…
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4 weeks ago by tolkien
If you want a coherent / that gradually builds 's social & emotional then ta…
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