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A 7-year-old told her bus driver she couldn’t wake her parents. Police found them dead at home. - The Washington Post
The girl's parents had been dead for more than a day. Authorities say she dutifully went to school then confided in a bus driver.
america  policy  current-events 
january 2019 by Kjaleshire
Texas Capital Austin Is Spared The Brunt Of Harvey But It Still Feels Effects : NPR
Hurricane Harvey has been downgraded to a tropical storm but it is still dumping a lot of rain on Texas. In the capital Austin, thousands of people are without power.
austin-texas  current-events 
january 2019 by Kjaleshire
The Real Reason NBC Passed on the Harvey Weinstein Story | Observer
The cultural elite in America—Harvey Weinstein’s buddies—protect liberals who think like them.
america  current-events  progressivism  culture 
january 2019 by Kjaleshire
Gillette Ad Is Not Wrong — It Sneakily Conveys a Conservative Message | National Review
Gillette’s ad has been savagely received on the right, but its message is more conservative than critics acknowledge.
america  culture  current-events  media 
january 2019 by Kjaleshire
The Great American Earthquake, Column: Can the foundations of our society hold?
"Who can deny that, in the United States today, as never before in its history, there is a vast unease about the prospects of the republic?"
america  current-events  politics  culture 
january 2019 by Kjaleshire
Europe: Destroyed by the West's Indifference?
Our media and intelligentsia are always on alert to defend everything coming from Islam, from women's veils to the "right not to be offended" by cartoons. The same establishment, however, lies in a coma when it comes to Christian symbols under attack.
europe  culture  islam  current-events 
january 2019 by Kjaleshire
‘Mattress Girl’ Is a Perfect Icon for the Feminist Left | National Review
To anyone who’s followed the case of Emma Sulkowicz, Columbia University’s “Mattress Girl,” the fact that her symbolic protest doubled as a credit-earning work of performance art seems a fitting commentary on the whole situation.

Sulkowicz, ...
progressivism  current-events 
january 2019 by Kjaleshire
The Method in North Korea's Madness - Commentary
One of the more improbable geostrategic surprises of recent years has been the revival of the North Korean economy under the direction of Kim Jong Un. Just
current-events  asia  politics 
january 2019 by Kjaleshire
The World through the Eyes of the US
The countries that have preoccupied Americans since 1900.
america  current-events  history  world  visualization 
january 2019 by Kjaleshire
'Carpe century': 50 reasons we're living in the greatest period in world history. We've got it made. Be thankful. - AEI
I posted the charts above on Twitter last Sunday and that Tweet has already had more than 1,000 re-Tweets and hundreds of comments, e.g., here's a typical
world  politics  current-events  statistics  studies  economics  history 
january 2019 by Kjaleshire
More Racist Rhetoric From South Africa: Whites 'Must Leave Everything' | Daily Wire
As violence against white farmers continues, following the South African parliament's decision to seize
africa  current-events  politics 
january 2019 by Kjaleshire
Field Marshal Guthrie, 79, 'on the mend' in hospital after he fell off horse at Trooping The Colour | Daily Mail Online
The 79-year-old was rushed to hospital after being treated at the scene by paramedics. A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: 'He's being treated in hospital. 'We wish him a speedy recovery.'
culture  britain  current-events 
january 2019 by Kjaleshire
The Prince, the President, and the Providence of the Temple | Spengler
Prince William, the second-in-line to the British throne and its future heir, visited the Western Wall of the ancient Jewish Temple in Jerusalem Thursday. His visit was the first official visit by a member of Britain's royal family to Israel, and his appearance at the Kotel has enormous significa...
history  israel  britain  politics  america  jewishness  current-events 
january 2019 by Kjaleshire
China’s two-child policy is having unintended consequences - Birth control: a rule, not a pill
THE one-child-per-couple policy was horrific for women in China. Many were subjected to forced sterilisations or abortions. Newborn girls were killed, removed by family-planning officials or abandoned by parents desperate that their one permitted baby be a boy.
china  culture  policy  current-events 
january 2019 by Kjaleshire
Why Turkey Wants to Invade the Greek Islands
Turkish propagandists also have been twisting facts to try to portray Greece as the aggressor. Although Turkey knows that the islands are legally and historically Greek, Turkish authorities want to occupy and Turkify them, presumably to further the
europe  politics  middle-east  history  current-events 
january 2019 by Kjaleshire

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