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Back in land after finishing up my practical work as at
! And a fitting message through…
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RT : Susanna Temkin shares highlights from ’s permanent collection exhibition, celebrating 50th anniver…
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Rachel Rakes
MAPS THAT ARE NOT MAPS is a curatorial project in process that relates inversely to Abstraction as Information. It is on one hand simply a collection of connections in this ongoing tendency among recent artists to turn maps into conduits of different sorts of material. And to make maps out of things that would never be maps, and of course to name things maps, and to disagree with the whole structural cartography thing in general, or oppose the specific type of calculative knowldge that defines t...
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april 2019 by davidbenque
RISD Museum Theory and History of Art and Design (THAD) Museum Fellows
In collaboration with RISD’s Theory and History of Art and Design department, the Museum offers selected art history concentrators an opportunity to earn THAD credit working for a semester in a curatorial department or with the Museum’s conservator, depending on departmental needs. This program, administered by THAD, allows students to learn firsthand about the behind-the-scenes activities in the Museum.
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february 2019 by risdgrants
Its a tough job, but someone has to do it. I have been , renamed and since I became at…
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december 2018 by verwinv
The Office For Curating
The Office for Curating is the generic name for a curatorial practice and an agency, formalised and established in 2012 by Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk, and currently active in and from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Both the naming and the seeming neutrality of this hybrid institute have been instigated to generate a buffer between oneself and the world, but foremost to be inclusive and responsive towards a multiplicity of different complexities, conditions, and temporalities, and to allow these influences to enter the frame and approach them curatorially. In that, The Office for Curating acts as an assembler of a growing programme of exhibitions (including publications, texts, and speech acts) and as a support structure for initiating exhibitions as a rise to the occasion – presented in different shapes and configurations, along different temporal structures and rhythms, as hosted by different institutions.
Preceded and represented by the image of a desk – commonly referred to as The Kidney or sometimes The President Desk, designed by Cees Braakman in 1962 – The Office for Curating is looking to expand and advance curatorial research methods and methodologies, as prompted by a physically grounded desk structure as an assembling template. Here, the desk’s surface facilitates an assembly of resources and their subsequent reshuffling and displacing from within a single space to a multitude of external locations, from fragments into analogies of examples and social assemblages. In that, The Office for Curating takes a strong interest in curatorial practice as a tool for thinking contemporary society through artistic practices. It examines social and political issues such as daily living and working conditions, cultural norms and ideologies – often intersected and informed by fictional devices and texts (scopic and non-scopic, audible and inaudible) as a means of approaching exhibitions more dimensionally, and to foreground a speculative response towards addressing complexity and working with it
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october 2018 by stjp
Brooks International Fellowship Programme
The Brooks International Fellowship Programme offers an exciting opportunity for one visual arts professional to work alongside Tate’s Senior Curator of International Photography, in Tate Modern’s Curatorial department for six months, complemented by activities at Delfina Foundation.

Tate encourages applications from candidates working or having worked outside of the UK, to collaborate with Tate curators in order to identify a range of themes that would focus on the shifts in urbanism, the concept of domesticity/home, and their relationship to photography and time-based media art in South Asia and its diasporas in the era of post-independence and beyond.

During the fellowship period the Fellow will be part of a Tate team, actively participating in gallery projects and discussions, with special access to Tate’s programme, collection, staff and wider networks.
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october 2018 by risdgrants
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RT : Opening: Museum in African Social Justice -
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