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Announcing Version 1.0 of the Link Roundups Plugin – INN Labs
The Link Roundups plugin helps editors aggregate links from around the web and save them in WordPress as “Saved Links”. You can publish these curated links in a Link Roundup (more below), display Saved Links and Link Roundups in widgets and posts in your WordPress site, or push Link Roundups directly to subscribers via MailChimp. It's designed to replace scattered link-gathering workflows that may span email, Slack, Google Docs and spreadsheets and streamlines collaborations between different staffers.
links  wordpress  plugins  curation 
2 days ago by coldbrain
Useful for anyone interested in ...
curation  from twitter
4 days ago by paulbradshaw
Snap alum launches curated online store Verishop | Retail Dive
Verishop launched this week, according to multiple media reports, with an aim to blend curated product selection, fast delivery and stellar customer service. The site offers free two-day shipping in the continental U.S. and free returns on items ranging from apparel and accessories to beauty and home decor, and also touts 24/7 customer service, according to the website.

The e-commerce startup has enlisted influencers to curate Tastemaker shops with Verishop brands including Citizens of Humanity, Joie and RMS Beauty. YouTubers Tiffany Ma and Alex Costa are among the initial seven Tastemakers listed on the site.

Verishop pledges that its items are authentic and verified by its buyers. "Brands don't have to battle unvetted third-party sellers on our site, which means as a customer, you don't ever have to worry about counterfeit products," the site's FAQ notes.
ecommerce  curation  luxury  delivery  new-companies 
5 days ago by dancall
Curation style guide
This style guide is designed to complement the existing curation policies that help our curation team create engaging, factual, and impartial content that can resonate globally. It is meant to be a guide only, and we may change it from time to time. 
Twitter  curation  styleguide 
5 days ago by paulbradshaw
Criterion Channel
Movie/Streaming curation (US & Canada only)
streaming  curation  movie 
7 days ago by jkleske
Events - Rêve En Vert
We are thrilled to be launching our first long-term pop up at SMUK in London's Belgravia! Featuring an ever-changing curation of our honest fashion, beauty and lifestyle items and new product launches.
luxury  pop-up  retail  curation 
15 days ago by dancall
From Blurry Space to a Sharper Sky: Keeping Twenty-Three Years of Astronomical Data Alive
Keeping data alive means both understanding the knowledge contained within and having the associated technologies operable.
astronomy  data  curation 
18 days ago by edsu
BuzzFeed show launching on Twitter |
TV studio Celebro is set to begin hosting a new weekly show brought to air on Twitter by BuzzFeed.
Launching on June 6th, #What2Watch will be a weekly roundup of recommendations of what to watch on linear and non-linear TV across the next seven days. The show will be broadcast exclusively on Twitter via @BuzzFeedUK direct from Celebro HQ in Central London.
tv  curation  twitter  content  video  newspapers 
19 days ago by dancall
Three Gaps in Opening Science
... relatively little interest has been shown in examining the immense gap that exists between the OS grand vision and researchers’ actual data practices.
curation  data  science  ethnography 
21 days ago by edsu
Q&A with Neal Mohan: the man with YouTube’s most impossible job - Vox
But if I understood Mohan correctly, he’s arguing that computers and humans can’t do anything without rules to follow. And that YouTube thinks refining and changing those rules is core to the work it’s doing to clean up the site. He’s also arguing that those rules will have to allow some videos that you might not like to remain on the site.
youtube  content  curation  fail  fakenews 
25 days ago by dancall
Unboxing Experiences With Subscriptions |
Some entrepreneurs take a path that is different from inventing a new product: They take a curated selection of their favorite products and share them with others. The co-founders of subscription box service Mom Things, for instance, put those items in front of moms to pamper them or make their lives a bit easier. Co-Founder Julie Powers told PYMNTS in an interview that the company’s mission is to make “busy women and mothers feel special by giving them an experience.” When consumers open a box, they find a particular quote that changes each month — “a pretty unique concept in the subscription box industry,” said Powers, who co-founded the company with Brooke King.

The boxes themselves come with five to seven items, which Powers said are items the co-founders love, trust, use every day and want to share with the community. The company offers subscription packages for one month, three months or six months that consumers can purchase online. And Mom Things is hardly alone in offering different choices for subscriptions: According to the PYMNTS Subscription Commerce Conversion Index, 95 percent of the top 20 performers in Q4 2018 offered plan options. For payments, the company accepts credit card, debit card and PayPal.
membership  women  ecommerce  curation  new-companies 
26 days ago by dancall
Flow State
Every morning, two hours of music perfect for working.
newsletter  music  flow  work  curation  recommendation  subscriptionmodel 
26 days ago by theholograms
Amazon, Walmart, and Other Stores Have Too Many Options - The Atlantic
Over that same period of time, Amazon’s success has pushed retailers such as Walmart and Target to carry even more stuff—especially online—and to get that stuff to shoppers even faster. The internet-shopping boom has spawned an excess-stuff economy, in which retailers such as buy up extra product from full-price retailers. In the case of drop shipment, websites don’t even need to have stuff to sell it: Wayfair, for example, lists thousands of products in scores of categories, but keeps almost no inventory. Instead, manufacturers ship directly to consumers, which helps keep stuff prices down.

Seeing this ever-expanding variety and choice as advantageous to consumers is tempting. The economic theory that governs many Americans’ understanding of consumer choice posits that a free, competitive market should drive down prices on the best-quality stuff. But in the arms race to sell as many sandwich bags or beach towels as possible, a problem has become clear: Variety isn’t infinitely valuable.
retail  ecommerce  fail  amazon  curation  trends 
28 days ago by dancall

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