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Can we hope to understand how the Greeks saw their world? | Aeon Essays
"The Greek colour experience was made of movement and shimmer. Can we ever glimpse what they saw when gazing out to sea?"
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2 hours ago by robertogreco
Let’s all go back to Tumblr | The Outline
"Meanwhile, if people had enough of an issue to talk about it, they’d be reblogging it on their blogs, for the purpose of talking to their community — a much more achievable and worthwhile pursuit than trying to craft the argument that would appeal to everybody in the world all at once. I’d never see that; my day would go on. We’d be in our little worlds, feeling out the kinks of the potential arguments on our own schedule."

"The ethos of Tumblr is more easily recognizable in a platform like Tinyletter, where people craft small batch blogs for a curated following, the downside being that they’re entirely siloed in their own worlds with no chance of outside interaction. But considering how hectic and intrusive the modern internet can feel, this isolation feels like an asset, not a bug. Snail mail might never make a comeback, but the pleasures of one-on-one communication are evergreen."
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2 hours ago by yorickdupon
How the ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Color Wheel Explains Humanity
Personalities, organizations, goals, and means can all be thought of in terms of the Magic colors they typify, allowing you to draw interesting connections, make surprisingly useful predictions, identify deficits and growth areas, and increase empathy. I claim that the Magic system, which was designed to be resonant and trope-y and archetypal, does a lot of the same good work that naming things does, and is a richer intuition pump than other popular wrong-but-usefuls like Enneagram or MBTI or chakras or the integral theory colors.
mtg  color  games  personality  culture 
3 hours ago by spaceninja
The software engineer’s guide to asserting dominance in the workplace
If you can get a standing desk, get one. Being at higher ground is a position of power. This advantage is especially important in open-office environments.
culture  programming  humour  work  development 
4 hours ago by mirthe
What Happens to #MeToo When a Feminist Is the Accused? - The New York Times
Avital Ronell, a superstar professor, was found by N.Y.U. to have sexually harassed a male grad student. But his charges have met disbelief from some feminist scholars.
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4 hours ago by philjr

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