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Explore it with a local: Leeuwarden, the Netherlands’ capital of culture
Mata Hari, born into a prosperous Leeuwarden family in 1876. In 1917 she was convicted by the French of passing secrets to the enemy, accused of being the “greatest woman spy of the century” and executed by firing squad. She has now been cast in a different light, thanks in part to a cache of her personal letters published for the first time in 2017. It’s a fascinating exhibition, running until 2 April, followed by a retrospective on another former resident of Leeuwarden, MC Escher (from 28 April to 28 October). Lampooned by his peers, he nevertheless created some of the most memorable images of the 20th century with his mathematical dreamscapes; Stanley Kubrick and Mick Jagger were fans. As a warm-up for his arrival, the Phantom Limb exhibition (until 6 January 2019) features postmodern homages to this master of illusion
Guardian  Holland  culture 
1 hour ago by thomas.kochi
The merits of revisiting Michael Young - Bagehot, Feb 2018
AFTER much searching, Bagehot has found a book that at last explains what is going on in British politics. This wonderful volume not only reveals the deeper reasons for all the bizarre convulsions. It also explains why things are not likely to get better any time soon. The book is Michael Young’s “The Rise of the Meritocracy”—and it was published 60 years ago this year.
TheEconomist  politics  meritocracy  books  culture  opinion  education 
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The Good Men Project - The Conversation No One Else Is Having
A website that examines what it means to be a good man in today's society.
gender  feminism  culture  relationships  M10_Men 
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The Tyranny of Convenience - The New York Times
Convenience has the ability to make other options unthinkable. Once you have used a washing machine, laundering clothes by hand seems irrational, even if it might be cheaper. After you have experienced streaming television, waiting to see a show at a prescribed hour seems silly, even a little undignified. To resist convenience — not to own a cellphone, not to use Google — has come to require a special kind of dedication that is often taken for eccentricity, if not fanaticism.

For all its influence as a shaper of individual decisions, the greater power of convenience may arise from decisions made in aggregate, where it is doing so much to structure the modern economy. Particularly in tech-related industries, the battle for convenience is the battle for industry dominance.
culture  psychology  ideas 
14 hours ago by cogdog
The Tyranny of Convenience
All the personal tasks in our lives are being made easier. But at what cost?
convenience  psychology  culture  choice  opinion  monopoly  tim+wu  conformity  clippings 
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