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No more hippies and explorers: a lament for the changed world of cycling | Tom Marriage | Environment | The Guardian
As cycling’s popularity has increased, there has been a cultural shift away from fun and experiences towards a macho world of speed and Strava
cycling  culture  macho  Strava  critique  review  Guardian  2017 
21 hours ago by inspiral
Why Poverty is Like a Disease
New evidence is emerging suggesting the changes can go even deeper—to how our bodies assemble themselves, shifting the proportions of types of cells that they are made from, and maybe even how our genetic code is expressed, playing with it like a Rubik’s cube thrown into a running washing machine. If this science holds up, it means that poverty is more than just a socioeconomic condition. It is a collection of related symptoms that are preventable, treatable—and even inheritable. In other words, the effects of poverty begin to look very much like the symptoms of a disease.
culture  politics  inequality  health  from iphone
21 hours ago by greenapricot
How to manage up with your boss — Quartz
I once had a boss who would send me a series of two-word emails throughout the day, each one bearing the same message: “Call me.” Each time I received one of these emails, the hairs on the back of my neck would stiffen and my stomach would churn violently. This reaction made no sense—I was...
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Hype Driven Development – DaftCode Blog
Software development teams often make decisions about software architecture or technological stack based on inaccurate opinions, social media, and in general on what is considered to be “hot”, rather…
yesterday by twleung
Collaboration tips for modern teams – Work Friends
As methods of team collaboration become more connected and social, how do we navigate strange new situations with propriety and grace? Here are a few tips.
yesterday by twleung
The Universe of Discourse : I found the best anagram in English
finding anagrams from a dictionary, and scoring them by the number of transpositions required to eliminate e.g. compound word rearrangements.

14 cinematographer megachiropteran
9 excitation intoxicate
8 negativism timesaving
8 peripatetic precipitate
language  culture  programming 
yesterday by jongala
How Office Culture Can Crush Women’s Ambitions - The Atlantic
Women often report less interest in senior roles. But that may be because of how they're treated, not a lack of motivation.
yesterday by twleung
The United States of Billy Joel - The Atlantic
The Piano Man hasn’t released a new pop album since 1993. How does he continue to sell out stadiums?
BillyJoel  music  culture  history  USA  TheAtlantic  2017 
yesterday by inspiral
Return of the KLF: ‘They were agents of chaos. Now the world they anticipated is here’ | Music | The Guardian
Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty hijacked pop in the 1980s and 90s with outlandish antics involving lasers, house music, a Viking longship and a million-pound bonfire. Andrew Harrison revisits the chaos – and talks to their former partners in crime
KLF  profile  music  culture  history  Guardian  2017 
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