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The Warlock Hunt - The American Interest
Given the events of recent weeks, we can be certain of this: From now on, men with any instinct for self-preservation will cease to speak of anything personal, anything sexual, in our presence. They will make no bawdy jokes when we are listening. They will adopt in our presence great deference to our exquisite sensitivity and frailty. Many women seem positively joyful at this prospect. The Revolution has at last been achieved! But how could this be the world we want? Isn’t this the world we escaped?
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(3) Facebook appropriation vs appreciation
I tend to roll my eyes at non-Hindus wearing bindis, but that again comes down to context. I get particularly annoyed by a certain stereotype of "woke, spiritual" hippies wearing bindis who feel the need to lecture me on my own religious beliefs, which they generally have a very poor understanding of. The other, even more offensive example of this is when Gwen Stefani made wearing a bindi popular in the 90s, girls who mocked me for being "fobby" because I wore a bindi, had a long braid, etc, and who regularly attacked me for not being Christian, started wearing bindis for fashion purposes. They continued to hold their close-minded and racist beliefs about Indians and Hindus, but felt that the bindi was ok for THEM to wear because THEY were White Christians. THAT's appropriation.

On the other hand, I have happily put bindis on Christian and Jewish friends when going to Indian weddings, etc, and am very open to talking about and sharing my culture with those who are genuinely interested.
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18 hours ago by Quercki
Étymologie des noms de pays "Le Canada" - Baroude
origine du mot "Canada". Jacques Cartier serait le 1er Européen à s'en être servi, désignant ainsi un peuple Iroquois vivant près de la Ville de Québec
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The Problem with Muzak | Liz Pelly
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The Warlock Hunt
Article on the #metoo campaign: "The #MeToo moment has now morphed into a moral panic that poses as much danger to women as it does to men."
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