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400,000 GitHub repositories, 1 billion files, 14 terabytes of code: Spaces or Tabs? – Medium
I used the already existing [bigquery-public-data:github_repos.sample_files] table, that lists the files of the top 400,000 repositories. From there I extracted all the contents for the files with…
computers  culture  development 
2 hours ago by Kjaleshire
Interview: Melchior Tersen - Killing Technology
This book documents the frontline of its symbolism: patches and patch jackets, DIY garments that fans build up themselves, sometimes over many years
culture  metal  music  fashion  clothing  interview 
2 hours ago by mirthe
Germany Tries to Catch Up with Startup World - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Although it is a business powerhouse, Germany's economy is dominated by pre-internet companies. Now the country is realizing that if it wants to remain strong, it needs to create the next Google -- and reinvent the way its entrepreneurs work.
europe  startups  culture 
4 hours ago by Kjaleshire
The Italian Sabbatical - Italian Sabbatical
Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and become a temporary citizen of a village in the south of Italy. 
travel  holiday  volunteer  work  culture  exchange  italy 
9 hours ago by asaltydog
Of Blackness and ‘Beauty’
At an art exhibit exploring black models through Western art, Morgan Jerkins finds historical evidence of the white supremacist definitions of beauty Dr. Tressie McMillan Cottom identifies in ‘Thick: and Other Essays.’
art  culture  racism  feminism  society 
10 hours ago by terry
Under house arrest in Vancouver, Huawei CFO lives in luxury and spends her days out shopping – Financial Post
“I’ve been working hard for 25 years,” she said through her lawyer during her bail hearings last month. “If released, my only simple goal would be to spend time with my husband and daughter. I haven’t read a novel in years.”
china  huawei  culture  totwitter 
12 hours ago by renaissancechambara

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