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(509) Neuroscientist: Why Trumpists Will Never Abandon Trump - YouTube
Neuroscientist: Why Trumpists Will Never Abandon Trump
- cult of personality
- cognitive dissonance
- fear, "Denial of Death" Book / Martha Nussbaum book on fear
awareness of own mortality. Ease fear of death by world view through ideologies (that outlive the individual)
- thus strengthens your world view, ideology
- immigration attacks existence and place in history ("we will not erase us")
- Trump exaggerating threats, heightens fear, and existencial threat (and felt place in history) thus strengthens grip onto ideology and world view 'I will not erased.'
- Donald Trumps communication is more engaging.
- Conservatives are more hyper-vigilant (tuned in to threats)
Cult  of  Personality  cognitive  dissonance  Psychology  Brexit  Corbyn  Jeremy  AfD  PEGIDA  Sociology  fear  book  mortality  communication  evolution 
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The Cult of Trump
“I don’t recognize her anymore.”
Through choked back tears, a man shared these words today about his 74-year old mother. The last two years have seen their once-loving relationship deteriorate precipitously, now relegated to cold exchanges via text and strained small talk conversations at family gatherings—sandwiched between explosive screaming matches which are often followed by extended periods of radio silence.
He shared screenshots of his mother’s Facebook profile, littered with Alt-Right talking points, discriminatory memes, and effusive tributes to the President—always juxtaposed with hateful diatribes regarding our former President. The racism and homophobia and Islamophobia she generates every day is both shocking and devastating to her adult son.
“She just believes every word out of his mouth, everything she watches on FoxNews.” he said. “I can’t reason with her. It’s like talking to someone who’s been brainwashed. She isn’t the mother I knew.”
trump  gov2.0  politics  cult  fake_news 
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The Anime Cult - The Mike Toole Show - Anime News Network
Covering Happy Science, some other "new religions", and of course Aum. You can get anything animated if you've got the cash!
japan  animation  article  cult  society  anime  2015  from:ann 
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The Jonestown We Don’t Know | by Gaiutra Bahadur | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
the old man recounted singing Carib death-songs among the suicide victims. The elder explained that he was calling on the homeless spirits of the Americans to reconcile with the ancestral Carib dead, because they had never asked for permission to share the land.
race  jonestown  cult  guyana  religion  erasure  colonialism 
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