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Install CUDA 9.2 and cuDNN 7.1 for PyTorch (GPU) on Ubuntu 16.04
NVIDIA recently released CUDA 9.2 and cuDNN 7.1, which have been supported by PyTorch but not TensorFlow. To take advantage of them, here’s my working installation instructions, based on my previous…
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12 weeks ago by nharbour
Convolutions with cuDNN – Peter Goldsborough
Implementing computer vision's most crucial operation with NVIDIA's cuDNN library
cudnn  howto  example  cuda 
february 2018 by grinful
How to install CUDA Toolkit and cuDNN for deep learning - PyImageSearch
walk through on how to install cuda and cudnn--basically remember `-P`
cuda  cudnn  install  nvidia  howto 
november 2017 by whlteXbread
cuDNN Download | NVIDIA Developer
//--> NVIDIA cuDNN is a GPU-accelerated library of primitives for deep neural networks.
cudnn  cuda  download  deep-learning 
november 2017 by nharbour
Running Tensorflow on AWS GPUs - Made of Bugs
I’ve been spending some time learning deep learning and tensorflow recently, and as part of that project I wanted to be able to train models using GPUs on EC2. This post contains some notes on what it took to get that working. As many people have commented, the environment setup is often the hardest part of getting a deep learning setup going, so hopefully this will be useful reference to someone.
deeplearning  tensorflow  AWS  GPU  EC2  Ubuntu  CUDA  cuDNN  AMI  NVIDIA 
april 2017 by areich
Nvidia's deep learning library.
cudnn  deeplearning  nvidia 
february 2016 by drmeme

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