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MoA - Cuban Doctors Provide Healthcare To Those In Need - The U.S. Wants To Stop Them
Cuba exports doctors; we export bombs and brag about our moral superiority. Our big beautiful bombs.

Soon we will dry up all sources of income for Cuba and Venezuela because they ... uh, they ... are small enough to crush and we are psychopaths.
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Verso: "The Funeral of C.L.R. James"
"C. L. R. James, the pioneering Trinidadian socialist historian and writer, died on this day 30 years ago in London with his funeral held a few weeks later at Tunapuna Cemetery, Trinidad. On the arrival back in Trinidad of his body, his long-time comrade John La Rose read passages of Aimé Césaire’s Cahier d’un retour au pays natal - the great Caribbean poem of exile and return. In this article, Jackqueline Frost investigates the continental connections of James and Césaire, and the politics of return."

"In James’ systematic determinism, the return to the Caribbean for political intellectuals takes on the dimensions of a prophecy. This is the logic at work in the final paragraph of “Fanon and the Caribbean,” where James considers what the Algerian revolutionary would be doing in 1978 were he still alive. Though at the end of his life Fanon no longer considered himself Caribbean, James’ goal in this short text is to show that Fanon’s upbringing in Martiniquan society inescapably made him the political actor and thinker he was. In abandoning the West Indies for Africa, as part of a generation of Caribbean militants whose major political engagement took similar forms, Fanon affirms rather than negates his Caribbean identity. James claims here that “the moment Fanon heard that in the Caribbean Cuba was free and the other countries were gaining independence, he said then he would go back to struggle there with them.” Whether Fanon’s promise to return to the Caribbean can be considered authentic or apocryphal, the tendency of return permitted these sorts of thought-experiments. The ugly outcomes of James’ own return to Trinidad and Tobago and 1958 and his mid-60s venture into electoral politics, did not dissuade him from singing the accolades of West Indians and their society in advancing world civilization through their specific “creative contributions.” As James writes in Beyond a Boundary, he had discovered that what mattered was “movement: Not where you are or what you have, but where you have come from, where you are going and the rate at which you are getting there.”[xx] These are some of the words carved into his gravestone in Tunapuna, Trinidad. While returning to the place one comes from has a specific meaning for West Indians in the second half of the 20th century, James reminds us that no cultural object is ever disconnected from the society which produced its author. On the 30th anniversary of James’ death, his epitaph and the passages read at his Ceremony of Return caution us against ignoring the social worlds that we often hold in isolation from the political and poetic acts they generate."

[See also (referenced in the essay): ]
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Cuba legalizes private Wi-Fi networks in bid to boost connectivity
"Cuba announced on Wednesday it would legalize private Wi-Fi networks to access the internet and connect computers, as well as allow imports of equipment like routers in another step toward expanding connectivity on the Communist-run island. The new rules, which take effect on July 29, will regulate the many existing wireless networks Cubans have crafted in recent years with smuggled equipment and likely encourage the creation of new ones. The move, announced in state-run media, looks set to allow private businesses to provide their customers with Wi-Fi internet legally, a boon for the tourism sector. No network owner, however, will be able to sell that service, with state telecoms company ETECSA maintaining a monopoly on commercial internet access on the Caribbean’s largest island." - Reuters

+ NPR: How Mobile Internet Has Given New Platforms To Cubans Critical Of Their Government
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16 days ago by dmcdev
Venezuela’s collapse. And Cuba. | Arun with a View
The salaries of the Cuban doctors are paid by international organizations or the foreign governments themselves, but the Cuban state confiscates up to 90% of those salaries. The doctors are given a meager stipend, kept under constant surveillance by Cuban security agents—with their movements and activities restricted, and no informal contact with the local population permitted—and with severe consequences for them and their families—who are not allowed to accompany them abroad—if they opt not to return to Cuba when ordered. The Cuban state, in defense of the garnishing of the salaries, argues that the cost of the doctors’ training was entirely paid by the state. The problem with this retort is that the amount of the debt is arbitrarily determined by the state—there’s no contract involved—and lasts a lifetime, i.e. it’s never paid off.
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10 Ideas for the Perfect Country Wedding
#한강 #근접샷
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10 Ideas for the Perfect Country Wedding
#한강 #근접샷
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One of the punishments for daring to do journalism in is having your right to travel internationally arbitrar…
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BREAKING: We just visited war criminal ’s house to say hands off

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Eisenbahn Kubas mit neuen Passagierwaggons
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